Corrine & Corrin
The Dark and Light Blood Noble
Universe SSB Fire Emblem SeriesFire Emblem
Recent Game 3DS Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright/Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Availability Starter
Final Smash Pair Up/Noble Dragon

Corrine & Corrin makes her/his first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Corrine is the female and Corrin is the male and they are the main character and avatar for the games Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. They have the unique ability to changing and transforming the terrain during the course of battle due to their nobility. They wield a powerful sword called the Yato and can even transform into fearsome dragons through the use of Dragonstones! They retain their appearances from the Fire Emblem Fates games.


Corrine/Corrine is powerful sword fighter that utilizes the Yatogami, a mystic sword of unknown power. Corrine/Corrin can also transform into a dragon to perform fire-type attacks. Corrine/Corrine share the same stats and attributes but differ in posture, taunts, and even special move specifics such as Nohr Princess and Hoshido Prince. Even the Final Smash differs who is chosen. However, for all intents and purposes, they remain largely the same. They possess powerful fire-type attacks as well as the ability to transform into a dragon and even alter the terrain of the battlefield! They are not solely a sword fighter but incorporates many of these elements into a truly unique character!


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Dragon Combo 5%, 4%, 5% Corrine slashes horizontally once, then again, and finally steps forward and performs a stab while shouting out. It connects well and is a very quick jab combo without much lag save for the final attack which has slight ending lag.
Forward Tilt Ascending Slash 8% Starts from a downward angle and then rises upwards; slashing from top to bottom and knocking opponents in an upwards angle. It has good reach and several hitboxes. It only deals one hit as it has high knockback potential.
Up Tilt Flame Piercer 11% Stabs upwards while wreathing the Yato in fire. It has high knockback and sends the opponent straight upwards with burning damage. It has an disjointed hitbox due to this.
Down Tilt Lower Stab 6% Stabs forward while crouching low to the ground. It stabs in the foot and can cause the opponent to trip when performed. It has low damage output and almost zero knockback making the attack not effective for killing opponents.
Dash Attack Leaping Strike 4%, 6% Corrine jumps into the air, jumps slightly forward, and brings the Yato down in front of him/her; slashing downwards and dealing damage. The leaping animation does 4% damage while the slashing downwards portion does 6%.
Forward Smash Dragon Fury 22% (charged), 13% (uncharged) Corrine quickly transforms into the dragon form and unleashes a powerful fire attack that blasts forth like an explosive fireball. It has slight range that is effected by how long it is charged. The fireball also increases in size depending on how much it was charged up. It has good knockback when the Smash attack connects and has good priority though it suffers from both start up and ending lag.
Up Smash Devastating Flame 18% (charged), 12% (uncharged) Transforms into the dragon form and spouts flames from the right to the left in an arc. The attack doesn't have a lot of knockback but it deals multiple hits as it travels. It has a wide hitbox making it a good attack for catching opponents by surprise. The flames also have a lingering affect that can damage players half of the charged/uncharged damage.
Down Smash Rage Spiral 20% (charged), 15% (uncharged) Transforms into the dragon form and spins rapidly in two full rotations, belching out flames as it spins. Much like the Up Smash, it has a wide hitbox that does damage. It catches opponents and launches them with the last hit. Much like the other Smash attacks, it suffers from start up and ending lag.
Neutral Aerial Reversed Blade 10% Corrine slashes from a downward angle upwards but reverses the blade. It does low damage but has high knockback. It is also good at battering shields and can break them if short hopped.
Forward Aerial Flame Strike 14% Corrine takes the sword and holds it to the opposite side, charges it with fire, and swings forward; slashing at the opponent and dealing fire damage. It has slight start up lag to the attack.
Back Aerial Helm Splitter 8% (sourspot), 12% (sweetspot) A weak back aerial but does more damage if it hits at the very end of the attack. Corrine takes the Yato and swings it from the right to the left overhead. He/she brings it down and slams it down at the opposite side. It is very fast without any lag. It can meteor on the sweetspot when the sword reaches the end of its travel.
Up Aerial Yato Vortex 3%, 3%, 3%, 3% Corrine spins int he air, striking at the opponent with the sword and dealing damage. It is capable of doing up to four hits during the attack but opponents at higher percentages are more at risk of being launched away from the second hit. It is a long attack but doesn't have much lag to the start up and ending animations.
Down Aerial Return to Earth 13% Corrine angles his/her body slightly downwards and slashes. It is a quick attack and has good knockback that pushes the opponent downwards. Besides that, it is a rather unremarkable attack but good for several situation. It has average priority.
Grab --- --- Corrine grabs the opponent with his/her free hand.
Pummel Knee 4% A rather slow pummel where Corrine knees the opponent.
Forward Throw Dragon Fire 14% Engulfs the opponent in fire through magic and then launches them away with knockback.
Back Throw Spike Slam 10% Takes the opponent and slams them down into the ground, spiking them up into the air and doing damage.
Up Throw Burning Thorn 4%, 4%, 4% Takes the opponent and stabs upwards; dealing three hits of damage that burns the opponent through fire damage. It knocks the opponent high into the air.
Down Throw Critical 10% Corrine takes the back of the opponents head and slams it down to the ground; spiking the opponent up. The spike is relatively low and it is the perfect throw to use as a combo.
Floor Attack (front/back) Rising Fate 5%, 5% Swipes to the right and then to the left before standing back up. It is a quick floor attack but lacks knock back potential making it rather weak in comparison.
Floor Attack (trip) Crimson Slash 8% Slashes forward from an upward angle downwards prior to standing out. A great tripped floor attack that does high damage and knockback.
Edge Attack Edge Breaker 7% Corrine launches high into the air and crashes back down; slamming his/her sword into the ground causing a mini explosion. It has very limited traveling distance but it does high damage and knockback.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Ember Clash 14% (clean), 8% (late) Corrin rushes forward and strikes forward with her/his sword; burning the opponent and sending them flying away. It does more damage if the attack hits at the end portion of the attack. It can be used as a horizontal recovery move that help get back to the edge. It can't be charged or the trajectory altered but it will also pass through the opponent, dealing only minor damage.
Custom 1 Ember Splash 12% (clean), 5% (late), 8% (explosion) Once it comes into contact with an opponent, Corrin releases a powerful explosion that splashes out to other nearby opponents dealing fire damage. Despite it being an explosion, it does not launch the opponent very far and has less knock back than the default.
Custom 2 Absorbed Ember 2.4% (loop) Corrin absorbs the fire from his/her sword and rushes forward; dealing damage while carrying the opponent with them. It has longer horizontal travel and does loop damage. However, it does not launch opponents away.
Side Special Red Breath 12% (clean), 8% (late) Corrine transforms into a dragon briefly and launches a fire ball forward. It will explode as it travels forward or makes contact with an opponent. When performed in the air, the fireball is aimed downwards.
Custom 1 Red Breath Stream 1.7% (loop), 7% Holding down the special button fires a steady stream of fire that does loop damage to the opponent. It grows smaller in time until it almost vanishes which releases an explosive hitbox that launches opponents caught in the flame.
Custom 2 Red Breath Vacuum 7% (vacuum), 10% (spit out) Corrine in Dragon form sucks in the opponent, burns them in its mouth,a nd then spits them out dealing knockback and burning damage.
Up Special Red Fire Fate 3%, 3%, 3%, 4% Corrine spins in a circle while rising up into the air, striking with fire that launches opponents. It is capable of delivering all four attacks with the fourth one doing the most knockback and damage. It has vertical recovery distance and great priority but leaves her/him vulnerable underneath.
Custom 1 Red Flash Fate 4%, 4%, 4%, 6% Corrine summons a flash of light that propels him up into the air very quickly. It does high knock back and it is capable of delivering more than one hit are low percentages. However, it is more difficult to land all four hits at higher percentages. It has higher recovery distance and much faster.
Custom 2 Red Vortex Fate 2.2% (loop), 4% The attack traps opponents and delivers several hits of damage as it progresses upwards; applying 2.2% per hit. It has less recovery distance and it slightly slower but has a wider hit box to trap in opponents. It also has a slight vacuum effect.
Down Special Dragon's Vein 3% (ascent), 8% (descent), 12% (pound) Holding down the down special input command causes Corrine to change the terrain where they are standing. It can cause a randomized effect that each have their own attributes:
  • Fire: Creates a fire on the platform or stage that will burn opponents to stand by it. (2% per burn)
  • Ice: Can cause opponents to trip on it and even freeze if they are at high percentages. (8% freeze)
  • Bury: Can cause opponents to be buried. Can meteor opponents on passable floating platforms. (0%)
  • Lightning: Will cause sparks to shoot up which deals damage with high knockback. (4%)
  • Daze: It will daze opponents and capable of breaking shields. (0%)

These effects are put down by Corrine and will remain on the ground for 12 seconds before vanishing. After the effect wears off, it will vanish and result in a cooldown period for the Dragon's Vein. If performed in the air, it will fall until it hits a solid object in which it will activate. It has a better chance of being canceled out while in this state.

Custom 1 Dragon's Vein Advantage Varies Functions much like the default but Corrine throws the Dragon's Vein in an arch thus making it a ranged attack. It will activate once it hits a solid object or platform.
Custom 2 Proximity Dragon's Vein Varies Corrine plants the Dragon's Vein as usual but it will activate until someone is nearby it thus making it sort of a trap. The area will sparkle when it is placed but, otherwise, fairly unnoticeable. It will activate itself after 30 seconds have passed.

Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Guard/Attack Stance 10% (none), 13% (up), 11% (forward), 12% (down), 11% (back) Corrine performs a guard pose by bringing up the sword up close to his/her head while holding it downwards at an angle. If the opponent attacks during that time, Corrine vanishes and reappears behind them; striking the opponent in the back. During this time, tilting the controls tick after reappearing will initiate a an attack. Not tilting it results in Corrine slashing forward from a stationary pose. Tilting it forward results in a stabbing attack which causes Corrine to slightly lunge forward. Tilting up causes Corrine to swing upwards; knocking the opponent high into the air. Pressing back results in Corrine slashing horizontally and then slightly jumping backwards. Tilting down results in Corrine slightly kneels and slashing on both sides. Each one has its one unique attributes, damage output, and speed to the attack.
Custom 1 Veteran Guard/Attack Stance 13% (none), 18% (up), 15% (forward), 13% (down), 16% (back) It is similar to the default but the attack damage output is greatly increases. As a result, it is harder to connect the guard portion with the opponents attack. Therefore, it is slightly riskier.
Custom 2 Forceful Guard/Attack Stance 8% (none), 10% (up), 12% (forward), 11% (down), 9% (back) It does slightly less damage but it has a vacuum effect when performing the guard stance which allows the attack to connect more easily as it will draw in attacks to Corrine.
Side Special Hoshido Prince/Nohr Princesses 4%, up to 15% Corrine dashes forward and, when the attack connects, unleashes a flurry of swords strikes that pull in nearby opponents as well. Pressing the special button during this time causes Corrine to perform even more attacks thus elongating the attacks duration of time as well as the damage dealt. The vacuum effect doesn't pull in opponents from behind making Corrine vulnerable.
Custom 1 Dashing Hoshido Prince/Nohr Princess 2%, up to 12% Instead of stop at the nearest character and performing the attack, Corrine simply dashes forward until he/she stops and performs the series of attacks. This allows for more than one character to be hit
Custom 2 Prideful Hoshido Prince/Nohr Princess 8%, up to 22% It does more damage than the default but, as a result, it has very bad start up and ending lag as well as Corrine is vulnerable to weaker attacks compared to the default. IN addition, it has a shorter dashing distance but it is more quicker.
Up Special Dragon Flight 7% (wing up), 10% (wing down) Corrine transforms into a Dragon. It takes a few seconds to transform and, at this time, he/she is vulnerable. Pressing the special button causes Corrine to flap his/her wings. When the wings flap up, it knocks the opponent upwards and the downward flap can meteor opponents. The player can tilt the control stick to where he or she wants to travel to.
Custom 1 Endless Flight 5% (wing up), 8% (wing down) It has a weaker damage output but holding down the special button results in the dragon form flapping without needing the player to continue pressing. It also gives Corrine super armor. It has more control over where to travel to.
Custom 2 Inferno Flight 6% (burn) Corrine wreathes her/himself in flames which can set the opponent on fire if they touch them as well as knock them back. It has less control as well as duration from the default.
Down Special Wyrmsbane 10% (grounded), 18% (aerial) Corrine slashes forward with the Yato from a overhead swing downwards; slashing at the opponent. It has a wide arc and creates a fire effect but will not burn the opponent. The fire effect can increase the reach of the attack though. It does more damage to aerial opponents rather than grounded opponents as well as more knockback.
Custom 1 Earth Wyrmsbane 18% (grounded), 10% (aerial) It is basically a reverse of the default; dealing more damage to grounded opponents as well as knockback.
Custom 2 Revived Wyrmsbane 18% (prior to being revived), 10% (time lasped) Functions similar to the default but instead, it deals more damage after the opponent revives and decreases in strength at the battle draws out.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Pair Up Corrine/Corrin (22%), Xander/Ryoma (28%) This Final Smash differs depending on which gender is chosen. If Corrine is chosen, she summons Xander while Corrin summons Ryoma. Both Xander and Ryoma will rush forward and slash. If the slash catches the enemies, it will trap them within the Final Smash. Corrine or Corrin will teleport to the opponents location and launch devastating fire-based slashes while Xander attacks using his blade of darkness while Ryoma attacks with his blade of lightning. It is similar in function to Robin's Pair Up but who is summoned is dependent on the gender chosen.
Final Smash 2 Noble Dragon Neutral Special: Fire Breath (2% per hit), Side Special: Dragon Rush (12%), Up Special: Inferno (20%), Dragon Maw (15%), Standard Attack: Claw Slash (6%) Corrine transforms into a massive dragon form that gives her/him full control rather isolated to solely attacks. The player can control the movement of the dragon as well as using a standard attack as well as a fully mapped special move set.
  • Inputting the standard attack causes Corrine to slash forward with a large claw.
  • The neutral special unleashes a fire breath that deals damage as long as the special button is held. Side special causes Corrine to rush forward and crash into the opponent; dealing damage.
  • The Up Special causes Corrine to jump high into the air and then crash down for devastating damage.
  • The down special causes Corrine to grab the opponent within its mouth and throw the opponent backwards for high knockback.

Holding the up special after jumping causes Corrine to be able to flap his/her wings to stay in the air for an extended period of time. The neutral special and attack is then aimed downwards rather than forwards. In addition, the down special meteors an airborne opponent instead of throwing them backwards. After 12 seconds, Corrine returns to normal.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Corrine holds up his/her sword and says in Japanese "I control my fate" while Corrin says "My fate is my own." (Up)
  • Corrine/Corrine slashes the Yato forward. Corrine says "I will pave a way for a new era" while Corrin says "I cannot lose with my family with me." (Right)
  • Corrine/Corrin folds his/her arms and looks away while their cape blows in the wind.(Left)
  • Corrine/Corrin holds up their arm in an aggressive stance . Corrine says "We have to fight!" while Corrin says "I won't be defeated!".(Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Corrin/Corrine slashes the sword forward and says "Feel my blade!"
  • Corrine/Corrin holds out their hand and puts it forward while going "YAAH!"
  • Corrine/Corrin holds their sword in front of his/her face and says "You won't have my mercy..."

On Screen Appearance

  • Corrine/Corrin appears via Warp Magic while smoke pours out.
  • Flies down in Dragon form and transforms into the human form.
  • A tower springs up and Corrine/Corrin walks out of the door and closes it.

Victory Animations

  • Corrine/Corrin slashes the Yato froward and then engulfs it in fire while saying "This is the power of fate!"
  • Corrine/Corrin raises their sword arm into the air and shouts "For Nohr!" (Corrine)/ "For Hoshido!" (Corrin)
  • Corrine/Corrin slams the Yato into the ground and folds his/her arms while the cape billows out behind him/her.
  • Corrine/Corrine slashes the sword several times and then points it towards the camera with Corrine saying "You should of admitted defeat sooner." and Corrin saying "Have you had enough yet?".
  • Corrine/Corrin transforms into a dragon and takes off into the air will roaring.
  • Corrine appears alongside Xander and they point their swords forward while both saying "Press on!". Corrin appears next to Ryoma side by side while pointing the swords forward while saying "We fight on!".

Fan Cheer

Male/female cheer "Corrine! Corrine!"

Losing Animation=

  • Corrine/Corrin face forward while clapping.
  • Corrine/Corrin hold their head in his hand while grimacing.
  • Corrine/Corrin are gritting their teeth while looking angry.

Victory Fanfare

A [flourished ]

Fighting Stance

  • Corrine: Body faces forward while sword holding horizontally along the chest area and sways back and forth.
  • Corrin: Body faces forward with the Yato facing backwards. He has his body slightly bent forward but only slightly. They rock back and forth slightly as well.

Idle Poses

  • Clenches the free hand once.
  • Corrine: Tuses her hair. Corrine: Ruffles his hair.
  • Holds the sword in front of her/him for a moment.
  • Billows out her/his cape behind him/her.

Misc Animations


Corrine/Corrin crouches down on one knee and the other knee propped up.


Corrine jumps up with the sword held slightly down.


Corrine/Corrine dashes forward by side-stepping.


Corrine/Corrin walks forward with the sword pointed out slightly.


Corrine/Corrin dashes forward in a regular running pose while the cape billows behind him/her.


Corrine: Sits on the floor and drops her head down slightly. Corrin: Lays on his back with one hand draped over his chest.


Corrine/Corrin slips and fall on his/her butt.


Balances on one foot with the sword arm held outwards.

Home-Run Bat

Swings forward using both hands.

Star KO


Screen KO

Both are the same. The fall with the right shoulder hitting the camera with a pained expression, There cape billows behind them.


Corrine/Corrin's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode


Unlock: Adventure Mode


Corrin (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Nohr Prince

Unlock: Boss Battle


Nohr Princess

Unlock: Boss Battle


Corrine (Dragon's Vein)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge


Corrin (Ember Clash)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge


Corrine (Purple)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Corrin (Grey)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Corrine (Up)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop


Unlock: Complete a Corrine/Corrin Character Challenge

Pair Up

Unlock: All Star Mode

Noble Dragon

Unlock: All Star Mode

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
White White Corrine's female default outfit. Starter
Yellow Yellow Coloration based on the elder brother of the Nohr family, Xander. Starter
Purple Purple Coloration based on the second child, Camilla. Starter
Green Green Coloration based on the 3rd child, Leo. Starter
Blue Blue Coloration based on the 5th child, Elisse. Starter
White White Corrin's male default outfit. Starter
Brown Brown Coloration based on the oldest Hoshido child, Ryoma. Starter
Red Red Coloration based on the second oldest child, Hinoka. Starter
Gray Gray Coloration based on the 3rd oldest child, Takumi. Starter
Pink Pink Coloration base don the youngest child, Sakura. Starter
Nohr Prince Black Model based off the class, Nohr Prince. Locked
Nohr Princess Black Model based off the class, Nohr Princess. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"It Comes to Fate"

Time: 3:20 Scene:


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