SSB4 Corrin
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Availability Default
Series Fire Emblem
First Appearance Fire Emblem Fates (2015)
Home Stage The Other World Gate
Final Smash Torrential Roar


The Avatar is a special playable unit in Fire Emblem Fates. The player chooses the name, appearance, and gender of this unit. The default name of this Avatar is Corrin.

The Avatar in Fates has two major differences compared to those that came before. The Avatar in Fates has the unprecedented ability to transform into a dragon, inheriting particularly strong manakete blood, as not only can they transform, but also have pointed ears, a feature of many manakete in the series. They are also stated to be the protagonist of the story instead of a supporting character.

Like all other Nohrian and Hoshidan royalty, the Avatar possesses the power of Dragon Vein, being able to alter the terrain around oneself.
Source: Fire Emblem Wiki


- : Dragon Fang Shot - Corrin's left hand transforms into a dragon's mouth and fires a ball of water. The ball of water can temporarily paralyze opponents in addition to sending them back. After the projectile is fired, Corrin's dragon hand will bite before reverting to normal, hitting nearby opponents. The projectile can be charged to cause more damage and knockback and increased stun duration. The special button can also be pressed after firing to charge the bite; when fully charged, Corrin clamps down forcefully with the dragon mouth, causing very high damage and knockback. (3-11% (shot), 10%-20% (arm))

> : Dragon Lunge-  When used on the ground, Corrin jumps a short distance into the air. When used in the air, Corrin transforms his arm into a spear and strikes diagonally down. If it hits any terrain during the move, Corrin's arm will remain there, pinning any opponent caught in place. From there, it can be cancelled into either a kick to either side (which deals enough knockback to KO at 130%) or a jump. It can also be cancelled entirely, which can be useful for reading the opponent's floor recovery. The tip deals high knockback. (15%/8%/7% (spear, tip/mid/close) 12% (kick, clean), 7% (kick, late), 5% (turn around))

^ : Dragon Ascent -  Corrin grows wings and leaps upwards. A multi-hit move that can be angled by approximately 45°, similarly to Roy's Blazer. It covers a moderate amount of distance and deals enough knockback to KO at 140%. (4% (hit 1), 1% (hits 2-5), 3% (hit 6))

v : Counter Surge -  Corrin uses a counter motion. When hit, Corrin turns into a dragon using Dragon Fang, and slams the ground. A surge of water (hence the name) then erupts from the ground on both sides of Corrin, launching opponents. (x1.2 countered attacks, 8% minimum)

F : Torrential Roar -  Corrin performs a motion similar to Counter Surge. If the move hits any opponents, they are transported to a rocky mountain scene in a similar fashion to Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon. Corrin then transforms into a dragon and uses a whirlpool move, washing all the fighters away in a water cyclone, launching them before going back to the standard stage. (7% (initial), 34% (whirlpool))

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