Corrin (SSBV)KamuiHeadSSBV
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Corrin! The Yato Wielder!
Universe Fire Emblem
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Dragon's Vein Maximum

Corrin (カムイ, Corrin) appears as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. V, revealed after the “Next Fire Emblem” trailer at the end of the Nintendo Direct on April 3, 2019.

Corrin was born to the Hoshido royal family but was raised by the royal family of the neighboring kingdom of Nohr. Mysteriously, they have the miraculous ability to shift into a Dragon and the Dragon's Vein ability, allowing them to alter certain locations on a map. A great war looms over Hoshido and Nohr and soon the two kingdoms meet on the battlefield. The Avatar must choose to side with a kingdom and help with their respective causes.

Male Corrin is confirmed to slightly slower than Female Corrin but his air speed is slightly faster.

Male Corrin is voiced by Robin’s voice actor in Awakening, Brandon Karrer and in Japanese Male Robin’s voice actor in Smash 4, Yoshimasa Hosoya. Female Corrin is voiced by Taylor Hannah and Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese. The two voice Saeko Busujima in High School of the Dead.



Great Zone and Up Close game

Quick tilts

Very quick on the ground

Good edgeguarding

Can wall cling/jump

Grabs allow many follow ups


Light character meaning can be KOed pretty easily with stronger attacks

Somewhat weak regular attacks


Corrin is a quick and strong character. They come with a great zone game. Not only do they have a great zoning game, but there up close game isn’t bad either. They have quick tilts for racking up that easy damage. Their edge guard game is pretty good and their grabs can lead to many follow ups. Corrin is a light character. They can be KOed pretty early by stronger attacks and they don’t have that long of a life time. They also have rather weak regular attacks as they use their natural physical strength to execute them. This may be a problem in the long runof a match but really Corrin is all about spacing and quick and effective attacks. Corrin may also function pretty well up close.

Yatogami and Dragon’s Vein Sets Corrin has access to two sets of special moves. They can both be chosen in the character select screen before actually picking Corrin. The first one being the Yatogami set is based around powerful magic attacks involving Corrin’s Yatogami. These offer quicker (but still pretty strong) strikes than the special moves of the Dragon’s Vein set. The second one being the Dragon’s Vein set is based around Corrin’s usage of their Dragon’s Vein ability. They do not all use their Yatogami in any move. These offer stronger (but still pretty decent in speed) attacks than the special moves of the Yatogami set. There’s a pretty big difference in the flow of Corrin’s gameplay between these 2 sets. Players are encouraged to choose the one they feel more comfortable with.


Ground Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack 2%, 2%, 4% Swings sword left, right, then diagonally.
Neutral Combo
Dash Attack 8% Slams hilt of sword forward.
Forward Tilt 5% Swings sword forward from left to right/right to left quickly.
Up Tilt 5% Slashes Yotogami upward using magic to enhance the speed of the swing giving it a fast execution making for good juggling.
Down Tilt 2% Kicks downwards with feet. Can trip.
Forward Smash 14% (clean), 12% (late) Slams Yatogami forward with one hand, in a similar way to that of their forward aerial.
Up Smash 15% (clean), 10% (late) Swings Yatogami in an arc over their head. Noticeable ending lag.
Down Smash 13% Swings Yatogami around.

Aerial Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Aerial 7% Spins holding Yatogami out.
Forward Aerial 10% Swings their Yatogami forward from left to right/right to left with one hand. Can kill at 162%+.
Back Aerial 12% Swings Yatogami backwards. Good KO power.
Up Aerial 10% Swings Yatogami above their head in an arc. Noticeable ending lag if short hopped.
Down Aerial 15% Slams hilt of Yotogami downwards initiating a meteor smash on contact.

Grabs and Throws

Name Damage Description
Pummel 2% *Grabs opponent with one hand, short range* Knees opponent.
Forward Throw 5% Throws opponent forward.
Back Throw 5% Throws opponent behind them.
Up Throw 7% Throws opponent up with Dragon’s Vein enhanced hand. Can kill at higher percents.
Down Throw 6% Slams opponent down.


Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (front) 7% Swings Yatogami.
Floor Attack (back) 7% Swings Yatogami.
Floor Attack (trip) 5% Swings Yatogami around.
Edge Attack 7% Gets up attacking.

Yatogami Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Yatogami: Divine Drive 4% (min), 23% (max) Chargeable. Corrin points their Yatogami forward as they begin to charge an aura which can be fired off. The higher the charge the more powerful it is.
Alternate 1 Yatogami: Divine Drive 2 4% (each) Corrin doesn’t charge the aura but instead immediately fires off two weaker ones.
Alternate 2 Yatogami: Divine Drive 3 Corrin points their sword forward and they flash giving them a speed and jump height boost for 10 seconds. When used, it will lose the boost effect for a full 60 seconds. During these 60 seconds, Corrin's launch resistance is lowered aka they become lighter.
Side Special Yatogami: True Crasher 10% Corrin flips towards opponent slamming sword on them and bouncing back. Good damage and knockback. Can be used to recover.
Alternate 1 Yatogami: True Crasher 2 7% (both hits) Corrin doesn’t do any flipping or leaping. Corrin slashes through the opponent. If it connects (with shield or no shield) the opponent is trapped and Corrin slashes again back to the spot it was executed. Takes a lot of shield but not as much knockback as the 1st True Crasher. Can be used to recover.
Alternate 2 Yatogami: True Crasher 3 15% A heavier more destructive version of the 1st True Crasher. As Corrin slams down, their Yatogami is covered in black flames. Does more damage and knockback. Good KO move. Takes a good amount of shield of shield. Comes out much slow. Much more effective for edge guards and ledge reads etc.
Up Special Yatogami: Speed Spear 14% (immediate contact), 9% Corrin slices upwards vertically (only goes vertically) with their Yatogami. Takes a lot of shield. Breaks shields on immediate contact. If it makes immediate contact it does more damage.
Alternate 1 Yatogami: Speed Spear 2 12% (immediate contact), 8% Has a horizontal motion to it and range is increased but it does less damage and knockback. It also doesn’t break shields, even on immediate contact.
Alternate 2 Yatogami: Speed Spear 3 5% (first hit), 8% (second hit) Slashes upwards then slams sword downwards. Less range than the 1st Speed Spear but opponents caught on the first hit are taking up then meteor smashed with the second hit. Corrin gets an extra jump and Up Special if used on an opponent in midair as they bounce off. Neither hit breaks shields.
Down Special Yatogami: Lightning Reaction 1.3x (min 9%) A counter. Corrin blazes in a lightning aura and counters with a lightning sparked Yatogami.
Alternate 1 Yatogami: Lightning Reaction 2 2% (base) Corrin paralyzes the opponent, instead of knocking them away, for a good amount of time.
Alternate 2 Yatogami: Lightning Reaction 3 1.4x (min 8%) Corrin strikes the opponent while moving behind them at lightning speed. Inflicts more damage, knocks foes behind him, and is much quicker, but the trigger window is stricter.
Final Smash Dragon’s Vein Maximum 72% (total) Corrin transforms into a full Silver Dragon, completely distorts the stage into a dark and gloomy scene and creates a dark fire radiation that goes all over the stage trapping and burning everything in its path then blasting them away. The animation goes on for a short period of time. After use, Corrin cannot use special attacks for 20 seconds.

Dragon's Vein Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Dragon’s Vein: Ember Shade 8% Corrin’s Dragon Mouth appears which allows them to fire off a dark fireball. The fireball travels pretty quick and has low knockback.
Alternate 1 Dragon’s Vein: Ember Shade 2 13% The Fireballs are slower but they do more damage.
Alternate 2 Dragon’s Vein: Ember Shade 3 9% The Fireballs become a dark fire breath that stuns enemies on contact dealing damage in the process. Comes out pretty slow.
Side Special Dragon’s Vein: Soul Crush 14% Corrin’s Dragon arms appear as they boost forward grabbing the enemy and literally crushing them as they’re sent flying. Good KO move at higher percents.
Alternate 1 Dragon’s Vein: Soul Crush 2 3% (grab), 13% (slam) Corrin grabs the opponent takes then upwards then slams them down spinning with them. Does more damage and knockback but Corrin doesn't dash forward.
Alternate 2 Dragon’s Vein: Soul Crush 3 13% Corrin crushes the opponent but they’re not sent flying. Instead, Corrin lays them on the floor. Working very similar to Snake’s down throw. Also does not boost forward.
Up Special Dragon’s Vein: Diamond Flight 7% Corrin’s Dragon wings grow as they fly upwards. Functions very similar to Pit’s flight and does damage on contact.
Alternate 1 Dragon’s Vein: Diamond Flight 2 6% As Corrin flies up upwards they’re surrounded by a dark wind box that functions just like a regular windbox. The windbox doesn't do damage.
Alternate 2 Dragon’s Vein: Diamond Flight 3 4% More distance, but more ending lag if landed on the ground. Damage also reduced.
Down Special Dragon's Vein: Midnight Barricade 1.3x damage (reflected projectiles) Corrin hardens their body with Silver Dragon Scales which allows them to reflect projectiles.
Alternate 1 Dragon's Vein: Midnight Barricade 2 Doesn’t reflect projectiles but absorbs them.
Alternate 2 Dragon's Vein: Midnight Barricade 3 1.3x (min 10%) A counter version. Corrin hardens their body and counters blasting the scales at the attacker
Final Smash Dragon’s Vein Maximum 72% (total) Corrin transforms into a full Silver Dragon, completely distorts the stage into a dark and gloomy scene and creates a dark fire radiation that goes all over the stage trapping and burning everything in its path then blasting them away. The animation goes on for a short period of time. After use, Corrin cannot use special attacks for 20 seconds.

Animations and Misc.


About the same height as Marth. Female Corrin is slightly shorter than Male Corrin.


SIDE - They point their Yatogami forward (similar to Male Corrin’s pose in his artwork) radiating an aura while making a “Hmmmmm” noise.

UP - They bring out their Dragon arm charging a light while saying “This is my power.”

DOWN - They turn their back saying “You aren’t even worth the effort.”

Character Selection Screen Animation

They pull up their sword saying “Ready.”

On Screen Appearance

Warps onto the stage using warp magic with arms and legs out

Victory Animations

They’re seen with their back turned saying “Destiny, chance, fate or fortune - they're all just ways of claiming your successes without claiming your failures” turning around flapping their cape as they say “your failures”

They swing their Yatogamis around then they use their Dragon Arm on their right hand and use it to heavily swing it upwards in a 120 degree angle, as the camera moves towards the direction of the tip of the sword, with their eyes closed looking away from the camera.

They’re seen walking while saying, “The strong are the strongest alone.” Then they turn placing their sword above their shoulders behind their backs looking back.

Losing Animation

They’re seen clapping with their weapon away.

Crowd Cheer

“Cor - rin!”

Victory Theme

Excerpt from the Fire Emblem if Fire Emblem if “What if…” OST. Key Point is 0:33-0:42.

Fighting Stance

Similar to Marth’s except they have their weaponless hand pointed forward.

Idle Poses

Dusts off chest

Places their hand on their chin in a thinking manner


Simple walk.


Very similar to Marth and Lucina’s except they have their weaponless hand steady bent under them.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap

MaleKamuiSwapsSSBV FemaleKamuiSwapsSSBV

Color Origin/Description
Male Default White Corrin's regular appearance
Female Default White Corrin's regular appearance
Male Second Red Based off Hoshido's signature colors. Red Hair. White cape.
Female Second Purple Based off Nohr's signature colors. Purple Hair. Black Cape.
Male Third Black A black based coloration of Corrin. Black Hair.
Female Third Pink A pink based coloration of Corrin. Pink Hair. Red Cape.
Male Fourth Gold Gold Equipment and Blonde Hair
Female Fourth Gold Gold Equipment and Blonde Hair.

Reveal Trailer

To be added.


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