Full Name Corren
Date of Birth April 9th, 1983
Gender Genderless
Location Wherever they need to go to survive
Current Status Online
Class Robot
Feral Being
First Appearance TBA

Corren is the last prototype Silverlight robot prior to Cura, currently living in the wild as some sort of feral beast. Silverlight Robotics currently assumes that Corren is dead, while Corren is unaware of the existence of three new robots like them: CuraMaya, and Lance.


Corren was the last prototype robot prior to Cura's creation during Silverlight's self-aware robotics project in the 80's. They were expected to be the final product an unstable emotion matrix caused him to break out and run away into the wild, and since then has become feral, they're programming devolving him into something similar to a wild beast. It was Corren's failure that originally began to spark controversy about the robotics project, unaware that Corren was still alive and ticking, and has been there ever since they're original breakout, altough they're exact whereabouts are unknown. 


Corren is a basic robotic model, with crazed green eyes and yellow hair covering one of said eyes. They also wear a hooded poncho they got from some unlucky soul who stumbled across them. 


Corren's unstable emotional matrix, coupled with being in the wild for thirty years, causes them to behave like a wild animal, incapable of speaking, only making strange distorted growling noises. They have never met someone that they haven't killed or maimed.