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Unmarked Corpse Party series spoilers are included within this article.
NoteBlock Corpse Party
Corpse Party Alpha logo
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Developer(s) Team GrisGris,
Existence Software
Publisher(s) 5pb. Flag of Japan
XSEED Games Flag of EuropeFlag of CanadaFlag of USA
Platform(s) PlayStation Vita
Genre(s) Survival horror,
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: M for Mature,
PEGI: 18,
Media Included PlayStation Vita cartridge
Fear can never be forgotten.

Corpse Party: Alpha (stylized as Corpse Party A) is a survival horror adventure game and a sequel to Corpse Party; paralleling Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. The game, like Book of Shadows, follows after the events of "Wrong End 6 ★8" from the fifth chapter of Corpse Party. As with the other instalments of the Heavenly Host saga of the Corpse Party franchise, the game follows the events of Kisaragi Academy's Class 2-9 after they perform the "Sachiko Ever After" ritual. Unlike other games, however, Alpha initially follows Yoshiki Kishinuma.

Like Corpse Party: Blood Drive, there was a limited physical release of the game. Alongside the game, the game's soundtrack, a Sachiko Ever After charm necklace, an art book containing concept art for the game and a Kisaragi Academy iron-on patch. This limited edition was known as the Netherworld Edition.


Like Corpse Party: Blood Drive, Corpse Party: Alpha returns to the exploration gameplay style akin to that of the original Corpse Party for the PlayStation Portable and iOS and its 3DS remake. Players control characters that take on a super-deformed art style in the overworld, and can run around, interact with characters and objects, and use their flashlight.


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Characters Gallery
Aiko Niwa
Ayumi Shinozaki

Ayumi Shinozaki is the class representative of Kisaragi Academy's Class 2-9. Ayumi is very sensitive to spirit connections, which subconsciously drives her love of the occult. She is a distant relation of Sachiko Shinozaki, and connects with the young girl on a much different level than anyone else. She is a fan of Naho Saenoki's blog Naho's Nods to the Netherworld, and has been known to try out some of the rituals she has posted about. This includes the Sachiko Ever After charm ritual said to connect all those who participate forever.

Kou Kibiki

Kou Kibiki is a paranormal investigator and the mentor to Naho Saenoki. He is the one to discover the secrets of Heavenly Host Elementary School's past.

Mayu Suzumoto

Mayu Suzumoto is a member of Kisaragi Academy's drama club. She has a large heart which, coupled with her energetic nature, makes her popular among her classmates of Class 2-9. Because of family troubles, the Kisaragi Culture Festival is the last day at the school before she was to transfer out. Her transferring out was the reason Ayumi suggested they try the Sachiko Ever After charm, as it is said to connect all those who use it on a level that surpasses death.

Naho Saenoki

Naho Saenoki is a spirit medium, paranormal investigator protege, and an author of a blog known as Naho's Nods to the Netherworld. She was the one who popularized the Sachiko Ever After charm through her aforementioned blog, and intentionally caused many to be trapped within Heavenly Host Elementary School.

Naomi Nakashima
Ryou Yoshizawa
Sachiko Shinozaki
Sakutaro Morishige
Satoshi Mochida
Sayaka Ooue
Seiko Shinohara
Tohko Kirisaki
Tokiko Tsuji
Yoshiki Kishinuma
Yui Shishido
Yuka Mochida
Yuki Kanno
Yuuya Kizami
Yuuya Kizami 103
Existence Software
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