Corona Maximus (究極のコロナ in Japan, Ultimate Corona in US Wii VC re-release.) is a sci-fi 2D platformer/run 'n gun developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the SNES and Mega CD on August 22nd, 1994 in PAL and NTSC-JP regions only, until a Wii Virtual Console re-release brought the game to the US on August 21st, 2009. It focuses on the adventures of the titular character, Corona, as he adventures through time to stop his future self from controlling America in the year 2094. == Gameplay == === General === The game plays similar to Spikeyfruit, with enemies resistant to jump attacks, but weak to other attacks. Corona's abilities are jumping, running, kicking, shooting, and using a CD-ROM disc to time travel. The game is nonlinear. However, unlike Spikeyfruit, the levels are played in multiple parts, similar to the original 4 Genesis Sonic games, minus the time limit. The game has multiple routes to the goal in each time era, allowing the player to play through the whole game in one era, and making the game based on exploration. Each world (or "Area," as the game calls them.) is accessed from the hub world of Downtown NYC, and has three levels, (Episodes.) and one boss level, (called an "Arena.") with 5 grades for each episode, A-D, and F, A being the best, and F being the worst, followed by Corona audibly commenting on the performance in the Mega CD version. Corona comments on various things in the game, such as the grades, beating a level or boss, losing a life, collecting new weapons and shields, and time travelling. Combined with the cutscenes in the game, the game uses synthesized voices for the characters, music's vocals & lyrics, and the announcer that states the name of the Area, followed by the Episode number or boss name in the Mega CD version, while only the announcer is used in the SNES version. === Power-ups === ==== Gun ==== Corona starts each level with a handgun, and can use floppy disks to upgrade to a sniper rifle, an automatic rifle, and even a rocket launcher with 10 second invincibility. Each gun increases his defense by one, and if he gets hit, he loses the extra heart, as well as the gun. After every episode, Corona discards the weapon as part of his victory pose. ==== Shields ==== Corona can obtain shields in the same way as weapons, by way of floppy disks. Each shield provides resistance to 3 hits, can be rammed into enemies, possibly creating a domino effect - slamming all enemies hit into the nearest wall or off-screen, and, if Corona is running at top speed upon reaching a body of water with it, can be used to surf. All shields are also discarded after every episode during Corona's victory pose. === Time Travel === During the game, Corona travels through time by using Corona's Time Hack ability. In each episode, There are 4 eras: Prehistory, Past, Present, and Future (called, "Dystopia" before being cleared.), of which Future Corona has conquered each. All 4 eras have a Corruption machine, propaganda, and a Corona 2.0 wreaking havoc upon the environment. Upon destroying all of them, Dystopia will transform into a futuristic paradise, and without normal enemies or hazards, to boot. After clearing all areas of corruption, including Downtown NYC, Corona will face off against a secret final boss. == Characters == === Main Characters === {| class="article-table" !Character Name !Description |- |Corona |A robot with a Mega CD connected to his torso (Famicom Disk System in the SNES version.) He fights his future self in New York, 1994. |- |Future Corona |Corona as a cruel, fascist dictator from the year 2094, ruling the whole of North & South America. It's revealed after 100% beating the game that he's actually trying to prevent The Corruption from destroying Earth. |- |Corona 2.0 |Future Corona's main foot soldiers, sent to conquer time. One has developed sentience, and fights Corona to the death, and, of course, loses. |- |The Corruption |The secret final boss and Hijacked by Ganon villain of the game. Made of purposely corrupted sprites of the enemies and bosses in the game. |} === Bosses === {| class="article-table" !Boss Name !Attacks !Description |- |CRNA-1994 Afterburner |Setting fire to objects. |A giant metal pod in the shape of a head, with the eyes as the flame cannons. |- |CRNA-2004 Kudzu |Transforming into other objects. |Robotic Kudzu, made of liquid metal. |- |CRNA-2014 Speedy |Super speed. |A missile that can transform into a sleek, steel Corona. |- |CRNA-2024 Niagra |Using water to fling objects. |A small, stainless steel orb, surrounded by water. |- |CRNA-2034 Titanic |Invincibility, Super Strength. |A giant robot that can only be defeated by the water pipes surrounding his arena. |- |CRNA-2044 Frosty |Freezing objects. |Similar to Afterburner, but shoots nitrogen instead of fire. |- |CRNA-2054 StarMan |Controlling asteroids, Super Strength. |A rocket that transforms into a giant Corona 2.0 halfway through the battle. |- |CRNA-2064 Liberty |Burning objects. |The Statue of Liberty, rebuilt to defend against any invaders. |- |CRNA-2074 Liquid Metal |Transforming into all other bosses. |A small stone statue capable of transforming into all bosses the player's already faced. |- |CRNA-2084 Corona 2.0 |Kicking, shooting, using shield. |A sleek, steel Corona, incapable of sentience. This one's gone rogue. |- |CRNA-2094 Corona |Kicking, shooting, using shield, freezing or burning objects. |Corona of the future |}