Corn Grenade Brigade
Developer(s) Saurus
Publisher(s) Saurus
Platform(s) Triple Tremor
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Australia November 4, 2013

25px-Flag of Japan November 10, 2013

25px-Flag of USA November 13, 2013

25px-Flag of Europe November 14, 2013

1-2 players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action
Media Included Triple Tremor cartridge

Corn Grenade Brigade is one of the release games for the Triple Tremor. It is Saurus' first T-Rated game. It's one of Saurus' favorite games that they have made. It is undecided wether or not this will become a series.


You play as Brady, a male corn grenade veteran. After the war where the Corn Grenade Brigade fought the Celery Swordsman, Brady found himself incredibly bored. Even though he won, Brady was the only survivor because he went to get more Corn Grenade when they used the Nuclear Corn Grenade. The grenade killed everyone before Brady could make it back in time. Now Brady wants to start a new brigade, so he goes off on a journey to every evil military base to recruit the best member.

More to come...

The Corn Grenade

The Corn Grenade is the weapon used by Brady. The corn can be eaten to restore health. If you pull the pin out, then it will explode in five seconds. There are many variations including:

  • Corn Genades (regular)
  • Napalm Corn Grenades
  • Nuclear Corn Grenades
  • Rotten Corn Grenades
  • Wax Corn Grenades

(Note: Anyone can add any type of Corn Grenade)


A= Jump

B= Throw Corn Grenade

1= Eat Corn

2= Drop Corn Grenade

RS= Pull Pin

Control Stick= Move

D-Pad= Switch Grenades

LS= Crouch

Touch Screen= Touch object to interact with it

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