What? Was that YOU Who just won!? Hmpfh... Less luck next time Koopa
Corice, K-Koopa(game)

Corice Art from K-Koopa
Full Name Corice Mathew Glacier
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Karl E. Koopa
Ability/ies Splitting without death
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance K-Koopa(game)

Corice (Full Name is Corice Mathew Glacier) Is a Minigame Runner, Rival of Karl E. Koopa and Minor antagonist in the K-Koopa Series. Before Karl beat him, he was acclaimed by Intelligent Antices as 'The Best SnowBrawller Of all Time'. Until Karl arrived and Took the title after beating him. From that moment on, Karl and Corice became rivals, But were sometimes forced to work together in order to achive something.


Corice is a Humanoid Ice Creature supporting a Red Jacket and Black Pants. He is trasparent, Showing his Snowflake shaped brain.


Corice is an Overcomfident and Cocky player, usually, he will get enraged when he looses, Even melting his body in the process. However, Sometimes, Corice makes a sudden change in Personality, Changing suddenly and without notice.


In K-Koopa

In K-Koopa, Corice runs various minigames around the game. With his first being his own, SnowBrawling. In SnowBrawling, The Player must hit the other with a hard force to make the snowball smaller, If the Opponents Snowball is gone, The player wins, Once that is done, Corice will become enraged and does the Cartoon Cliche of Melting the snow underneath him out of rage.