Corey Taylor (SSBMA)
Full Name Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor is an unlockable, Playable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee Arcade. Corey Taylor is from The Heavy Metal\Rock band, Slipknot. Taylor is The only real-life representative in The Smash Bros. series.

Unlocking Corey Taylor

To unlock Taylor, The player must clear all of The levels of Adventure Mode within 30 seconds on hard difficulty.

Alternately, Playing 1300 versus matches will also give The opportunity To unlock Taylor.

When fought against, Taylor appears in Slipknot Concert.

Special Moves

  • Buff Duality gives him The option To run faster. It also slightly aids To his KO ability, Being another KO option, Though it isn't a very reliable KO move.
  • Buff Eyeless You can cut The player in The eye, Losing it for Ten seconds, Decreasing The opponent's health
  • Buff The Nameless You can get The player Tired & Dizzy
  • Buff Before I Forget Taylor's brain Turn's off & goes higher, Along with The brain.


  • Taunt - 1% damage. Taylor's Taunt, He swing's his knife all around, This is Two, Out of The one only Taunt in Melee (The other being Luigi's) That can damage The opponent. The Taunt normally sends The enemy flying with set knockback, But against opponents hanging on The ledge, It will meteor smash. Since it is slow and very weak, Taylor's Taunt is rarely used in competitive play.

Victory Theme

Remixed version of Before I Forget by Slipknot

In Competitive play



Notable players

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