Core Battle is the first game in the Core Battle series, an Umbrella game in the fighting genre.

Game Modes

Core Battle

The main game mode, with characters fighting eachother. This can be played by up to 6 players. 

Final Frontier

In this mode, you choose one character and must fight every other in order of their franchise alphabetically.

Minigame Mode

In this mode, you play a bunch of minigames, choosing a new character after every minigame.

Playable Characters


There will be 60 default characters.

Image Name Summary Franchise
Super Mario ! Mario

Mario is here to battle! He is pretty balanced, with great jumping skills. He attacks with Koopa shells and power-ups.

Super Mario Bros.
2530 luigis-mansion-dark-moon-prev Luigi Luigi joins the fight! He is similar to Mario, but has better speed. He attacks with his Poltergust and can get help from Polterpup and the Luiginoids. Super Mario Bros.
Peachinsupermariosupermario3dsupermario3dworld Princess Toadtstool Peach Peach appears! She falls slowly. She attacks with her parasol, Perry, and turnips. Super Mario Bros.
Sonicinsupermariosupermario3dsupermario3dworld Sonic The fastest thing alive speeds alive! He is the fastest character in the roster. He attacks with his speed and wisps. Sonic the Hedgehog
Cshadow Shadow Shadow joins the fray! He isn't as fast as Sonic, but is more powerful. He attacks with Chaos Control and his immortality. Sonic the Hedgehog
Supercore Superman Superman flies in! He can fly around the stage and attack with his heat vision and strength. Superman
Megamaninsupermariosupermario3dsupermario3dworld Megaman The mascot of Capcom, but you wouldn't know with the way they treat him! He attacks with his mega buster and robot master weapons. Megaman
Iron-man Iron Man The millionare playboy appears. He can fly and shoot energy blasts. The Avengers
DipperGFArt Dipper Pines Dipper investigates! He is very weak because, well, look at him. He attacks by reciting spells from Book 3 and summoning Gnomes. Gravity Falls
Grapplin hook mabel Mabel Pines Dipper's twin sister jumps in! She can go into Sweater Town Mode and attack with her grappling hook and kitten fists. Gravity Falls
Twilight Sparkle
Princess Twilight Sparkle The newest princess of Equestria appears! She can fly with her newly earned wings and use magic powers to attack. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
RainbowDash 2 Rainbow Dash Everyone's favourite blue pegasus speeds in! She is extremely fast and can make a Sonic Rainboom. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Pinkiecore Pinkie Pie The overly excited pony hops in! She attacks with her Confetti Cannon and clones. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
SpikeMLP Spike The dragon friend of the mane six joins the fray! He can attack by eating jewels and breathing magical fire. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
MiiSquad Mii The inhabitants of the Nintendoverse come to brawl! A customizable character, Miis attack with punches and their pets. Nintendo
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Yoshi The trusty steed joins the battle! He can glide with his Flutter Jump and throw eggs to attack, as well as swallowing his opponents. Yoshi's Island
Kirby L Kirby The pink popopo from Dreamland floats in! He can attack by inhaling enemies and using copy abilities. Kirby
KTD King Dedede
King DeDeDe The king of the Waddle Dee is here to battle! He is very slow but very powerful. He attacks with his hammer primarily. Kirby
300px-Meta Knight KRTDL Meta Knight Kirby's ally joins the fray! He is quick and powerful, using his sword to attack. Kirby
Elmocore Elmo Elmo loves you! He is kind of a joke character, being the weakest in the game. He has absolutely horrendous stats and attacks with morals.

Sesame Street


There isn't a known total of  unlockable characters.

Image Name Summary Franchise How To Unlock
1186px-Bowser HUGE Bowser The king of the Koopas appears! He is very powerful and attacks by breathing fire and summoning Koopas. Super Mario Bros. Win as Mario 50
RosalinaSSB4 Rosalina The star princess comes down from the cosmos. She attacks with magic and can get help from Lumas. Super Mario Bros. Win as Peach 50 times
TheProfessor Elvin Gadd PiT Professor E. Gadd Professor Elvin Gadd joins the fray! He can attack using his many inventions! Luigi's Mansion Win as Luigi 50 times
Miles "Tails" Prowler The two-tailed fox flies in! He can fly around the stage and attack with his tails and inventions. Sonic the Hedgehog Win as Sonic 40 times
Silver. Silver The hedgehog from the future teleports in! He can hover and teleport around the stage and attack with his psychic powers. Sonic the Hedgehog Win as Shadow 30 times
Blaze. Blaze Blaze joins the battle! She is very agile and skilful and uses her pyrokinesis to attack. Sonic the Hedgehog Win as Silver 20 times
BatmanAccent2 Batman The hero of Gotham City saves the day! He is very fast and strong. His batarang can be used to attack and he can ask Robin for help.


Win as Superman 50 times.
GrunkleStan2 Stan Pines Grunkle Stan finally has a good reason to punch a teenager in the face! He can attack with hoaxes and other tourist traps. Gravity Falls Win as Dipper 40 times
Gideonglee Li'l Gideon Gleeful Little old him comes to play! He can use his amulet and shrinking torch to attack. Gravity Falls Win as Mabel 50 times
Bill appearance
Bill Cipher The most powerful known being in the universe comes to obliterate all in his path. He can summon his enemies worst fears and more. Gravity Falls Play as all other Gravity Falls characters 55 times
Dancing fluttershy vector Fluttershy The shy little Pegasus joins the fray! She can use her animal friends to help her fight. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Win as Twilight Sparkle 45 times
Rarity Rarity The fabulous unicorn from Equestria makes an appearance! She can use jewels and her sewing abilities to attack. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Win as Spike 45 times
Applejack vector Applejack Applejack is here to fight! She can throw her hat and more to attack. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Win as Pinkie Pie 45 times
PrincessCelestia 250 tropicalsunset
Princess Celestia The Equestrian princess with the responsibility of raising the sun flies in! She can use the sun to attack her foes. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Win as Twilight Sparkle 55 times
Baby Bros. The baby forms of the Mario Bros. appear! They work together to attack. Yoshi's Island Win as Yoshi 30 times
Bowserjr MP9 Bowser Jr. Bowser's favourite son joins the battle! He attacks with his paintbrush and by rolling around in his shell. Yoshi's Island Win as the Baby Bros. 30 times.
Kirby Ish Yarn Nao Yarn Kirby Kirby's yarn form unravels! Most attacks will go right through him. He attacks with his yarn whip and transformations. Kirby's Epic Yarn Win as Kirby 40 times
Bandana Dee KTD Bandana Dee The spear-wielding Waddle Dee whirls in! He is very agile and attacks with his spear. Kirby Win as King DeDeDe 45 times
Galacta Knight-1- (1) Galacta Knight A look-a-like of Meta Knight appears. He is much stronger than Meta Knight and attacks with his lance. Kirby Win as Meta Knight 50 times
CookieMonster Cookie Monster ME WANT COOKIES! Another joke character, but how could you have an Umbrella game without this guy? He attacks by throwing cookies, but then eating them before they deal any damage. Sesame Street Win as Elmo 50 times



Image Name Description Franchise
PeachCastle Mushroom Castle A basic stage outside of Peach's castle. Hazards include Toads running around the stage. Super Mario Bros.
Mansioncore Haunted Mansion A creepy stage outside of a mansion. Hazards include ghosts floating around, throwing stuff. Luigi's Mansion
GreenHillZone Sonic and SEGA Green Hill Zone A nice stage with beautiful scenery. Hazards include Dr. Eggman's robots attacking players. Sonic the Hedgehog
Metropolis A huge city and home to Superman. Lex Luthor's robots act as hazards. Superman
MysteryShack MAINREF Mystery Shack A tourist trap located in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Gnomes run amok on this stage. Gravity Falls
253569 Ponyville Library Ponyville Library The Golden Oak Library in Ponyville and also the home of Twilight and Spike. Ponies, pegasi and unicorns act as hazards on this stage. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Halberd Halberd Meta Knight's ship, which has been in battle many times. Warp Stars fall from the sky occasionally. Kirby



See Core Battle/Summons



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