Core is the setting of the RPG Core Thunder and it's sequel, Gear Thunder. Core is both a continent, and a kingdom (the kingdom was founded in the Elven Age by the Elves). Core is located on an unknown planet, which has many other continents: before arriving at Core, most of the sentient races on the planet had never interacted previously.



Various races inhabit Core. The sentient races are:

  • Humans: Standard humans.
  • Elves: Very similar to humans, but taller and with long ears. They have all either died or become Signals.
  • Signals: Elves who had used magic to make themselves always reincarnate after death, but with an undead appearance.
  • Kosato: Humans who have the ability to transform from a humanoid to an animal form. They all have various animal-like features based on the animal they can transform into.
  • Golems: Various substances held together and given life by magic.
    • Treants: Originally Golems formed from trees, they were capable of using the tree's reproductive systems to continue living by themselves, independent from the Signals who create Golems.


Dream Age

Elven Age

Age of Myth

Age of Magic

Age of Rebellion

Age of Science

Age of Technology

Core Thunder

Golden Age

Gear Thunder

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