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Cordula2 1HitWonder

The Black Fox
Full Name Cordula Azarola
Current Age 18 (1HW)
Date of Birth January 30
Gender Female
Species Fox Spirit
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Azarola Clan
Family and Relations
Ability/ies Defensive magic
Natural acrobatic skill
Vulnerable To Unwavering pacifist
The Black Fox
First Appearance One-Hit Wonder
Series FSB OneHitWonder

Cordula is a friendly fox spirit, the younger cousin of Amaia Azarola, and a secondary protagonist of One-Hit Wonder, and serves as one of the character choices for second, third, and fourth players in the game's multiplayer mode.


Cordula's physique is petite and slim. She's half a head shorter than average, though sher than her cousin. Her skin is a very Mediterranean olive. Her eyes are large and round, and her black hair is cut so unevenly that it could give an OCD patient a heart attack. She generally wears it in a sloppily-made bun - a habit she picked up from Amaia. She generally just wears a sleeveless button-up top with long sleeves to cover her hands, a ribbon, boots. All of these are either bright white or pitch black. The only physical hints at her spiritual ancestry are her eyes, which have black scleras, and the large puffy black tail that generally waves lazily behind her.


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Prior History

One-Hit Wonder






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