Coraline 2 is a videogame based off of Coraline for the DS (though it was for several other consoles) which is based off of a movie which is based off of a book which had a graphic novel based off of it, and there were also collectible alphabet card thingies based off of the previously-mentioned movie. It is for the DS+.


It has been one year and a few months since the events of Coraline. The titular hero has been living a normal life, and school started just a little bit ago. One day, however, a cold wind blew into school, and Coraline passed out. She later woke up and everyone in the school had been frozen. She ran out into the halls and tripped on a small black key. She realized that the key fit into a lock on a cabinet. She then has to go into the Other School and defeat The Other Teacher in order to save herself, her new friends, and her entire world...