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Before i start i did grammar wrong on  i know i want to!


You are a guy named Bob & who lives in Mexico he wants to die, he sees no meaning in life so he goes to a valcano to die Level 1 starts. When you get there your about to die when you see Cooldude6605 you then see meaning in life & no longer want to die beacause of how awesome i am. He then wants to tell fantendo level  2 starts. At the end of the level you talk about him on fantendo he gets so famus he is on a featured article. Then in New York there is a guy who sees that & wants to tell the presedent of the world about his awesomeness & coolness. so he does level 3 to tell him then he starts talking about him he sends in gaurds. the 1st boss fight begins Golden Soldier. Then you beat him & he sends in more When Cooldude6605 apears & he says you can rule the world now Cooldude6605. Then you find out about a jealos user called Lumoshi ( Not Really Just For More Story) he thinks he is stupid because he can be the king of the world even though he has been the best so he bombs his fortress that is 50 miles big Then you do level 4 as Lumoshi sneaking in. after the level you see Cooldude6605 & he thinks he shoud stop he is to good to die but he already set the bomb. Then level 5 starts your timed to sneak passed gaurds to dedanate the bomb. After that level The Silver Gaurd find you he gets realy close the Cooldude6605 jumps down & says want to play Mario Party 10. Then Cooldude6605 is Bowser & you have to get passed Whimsacal Waters. Then you win & he thinks okay want to play something secret. you say okay & you see a realy early copy Of Sonic Advance 4 And then you go into the video game He then has an evil & in the backround you see the real Cooldude6605 Anyways Level 7 Starts after you see FlameKing. What happens next????? STUFF


  1. Valcano Travel
  2. Hacking Into Fantendo
  3. Presedental Fail
  4. Bombs Sneak
  5. Dedanation Sneak
  6. Whimsacal Waters
  7. Technical Trail


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