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Cookie (Japanese: クッキー) is a character from a game series of the same name. He also stars in a manga series its creator has also made a figurine depicting Cookie.

Cookie was sent from a dark future in the year 2174, to change the course of time in order to save the planet from a horrible fate. He belongs to the company Wind-Wolf Co.



  • Cookie the Cheetah
  • Fantendo X


  • Cookie the Cheetah(チーターのクッキー Chītā no kukkī)

Side series

  • Cookie Superstars!(クッキーのスーパースター Kukkī no sūpāsutā!!!)


  • Cookie has every Nintendo system in existence (some people think he is obsessed with Nintendo because of that)
  • Cookie has a craving for cookies, his namesake.
  • Cookie has a game from the Mewshi franchise.
  • Cookie is 2 feet tall (about 0.6m).
  • Wind-Wolf Co. is working on a game for him to come out on the mac and PC at the time.
  • Cookie will make an appearance in Fantendo X

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