Cookie Crumble
Cookie in Sweet Tooth
Current Age 22
Date of Birth July 21
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Sugartown
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Unnamed Sisters

Coco (Dog)

Main Weapon(s) Cookie Crash
Cookie Girl



First Appearance Sweet Tooth

Cookie Crumble is the main character of the Sweet Tooth Games. She comes from Sugartown and attends Sweet Tooth University. She has a part time job as a waitress in Café Lé Alamode.


Cookie has short chocolate brown hair that she ties back with a golden scrunchy. She has a small Cookie shaped hair clip on the left side of her hair. Her eyes are brown and she has freckles. She wears a large baggy light brown sweater and a short darker brown skirt. She has knee length socks and brown shoes.


Cookie is friendly and kind and works well with others. She is strong spirited and loves to help people. She can be rather stubborn at times and also shows slight signs of anger issues. She is good a baking and cooking and is also very smart. She's adventurous and a bit of a daredevil too. She hates spiders and snakes but loves chocolate. Her favorite foods are cookies and cream.

Relationships with other Characters

Peppermint Fizz

Cookie and Peppermint are best friends. They grew up together and share a dormitory together at university too. The two are great friends and are the only two characters who's relationship can not be lowered.

Strawberry Pie


Apple Tart


Apricot Pudding


Sugar Bun


Candy Floss


Honey Comb


Vanilla Comb


Blueberry Muffin


Sweet Tooth



  • Cookie was originally going to be named "Cookie Dough".
    • She also had a different design to her current one, she had longer hair, no freckles and wore different clothes.
  • Cookie is the oldest out of three sisters.
  • Cookie is the only known character to have a job.
  • Cookie is allergic to peanuts.
  • Cookie has a pet dog called "Coco".
  • Cookie has a Princess Daisy plush doll.