Cookie Clicker 3D: Dough or Die is a downloable game for the Nintendo 3DS made by Locked Gaming and Fantasize Studios. It is a remake of a javascript game named Cookie Clicker and it features several new stuff.


The basic gameplay is only to tap the cookie. When you tap the cookie, you will get one cookie, the objective is to get items that will help you, like the Cursor, that autoclicks every ten seconds, or the grandma, that produces 0.5 cookies every second. As the game progresses, you will be able to purchase things like Shipments from the Cookie Planet, an Alchemy Lab to convert gold into cookies, or even Time Machines that steal cookies from the past!


  • Cursor: Autoclicks once every 10 seconds.
  • Grandma: A nice grandma to bake more cookies.
  • Farm: Grows cookie plants from cookies seeds.
  • Factory: Produces large quantities of cookies.
  • Mine: Mines out cookie dough and chocolate chips.
  • Shipment: Brings in fresh cookies from the cookie planet.
  • Alchemy Lab: Turns gold into cookies!
  • Portal: Opens a door to the cookieverse.
  • Time Machine: Brings cookies from the past, before they were even eaten.



  • Reinforced index finger: The mouse gains +1 cookie per click. Cursors gain +0.1 base CpS.
  • Carpal tunnel prevention cream: The mouse and cursors are twice as efficient.




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