Coo as depicted in Kirby: Right Back At Ya!
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Kirby - Friend
Main Weapon(s) Same as Kirby's current Copy Ability
Ability/ies Long distance flight
First Appearance Kirby's Dreamland 2
Latest Appearance Kirby's A Beautiful world

Coo the Owl is an animal friend from the Kirby series. He is the eldest of the group, and is seen to be rather solemn. He is revered as being wise and helpful, as with many owls. He helps Kirby by lifting him, making flying in strong wind much easier for Kirby.


Coo is rather stout and has mostly purple feathers on his body. He also has several markings on him, including a large white circular patch on his chest and several black feathers around his eyes.


Kirby's A Beautiful world

While he never shows up directly, Coo does appear in the ending setting down on a branch to gaze at the sky, as well as a collectable trophy.