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Created by FPF
Developer(s) MingoLogo
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) PS4
Genre(s) Fighting Game, Adventure
Release Date(s)
Story Mode, Classic, Tournament, Online
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Blu-Ray

This game is owned by Flamingo. Ask permission before editing the page, thanks! Conscript is a game available on the PS4. It centers around various characters around the universe competing in an annual competition, known as The Conscript.


Once every year, an event known as The Conscript takes place. It is a tournament, in where the last one standing is proclaimed the champion and is given one wish. It has been like this for decades now, but no one has been able to defeat the final enemy of The Conscript. The arena where The Conscript is seems to have a mind of it's own, opening it's doors when The Conscript starts, and being able to change stage enviroments at will. 

This year, however, a new contender wants to find the secrets behind The Conscript, and he aims to do it by winning the tournament and wishing to find out. But that won't be so easy...


coming soon



The format of Classic Conscript. Here, you are spawned (along with up to 3 other players) in a certain stage. Stages sidescroll whenever a player goes at the edge of the screen, which goes into an endless loop. Stage obstacles are sometimes present. Each player has a health bar and lives that only appear around their respective player whenever they recieve damage. The last person/team standing wins. If a player falls through/gets crushed/incinerated etc. by a stage obstacle, the player will go right back to where they spawned.


A format mainly used in Story Mode. Instead of spawning in a 2D sidescroll stage, you are set into a 3D arena where you can free roam. When you meet an important opponent, the camera will shift and focus onto the two fighters, turning 2D. Once the battle is over, and the opponent isn't the last to be defeated, it shifts back to 2D for the player to finish the game. wasn't your last opponent, it shifts back to Top-Down for you to find the rest of the players. Weak opponents do not have their own 2D battles and act somewhat similar to Dynasty Warriors' enemies; they come in bulk, relatively easy to manage.



On each side, it is possible to have an ally, either an AI Bot or another player. They will help defeat enemies, and certain allies in Story Mode also help you defeat the Main Enemy. If you both encounter an enemy at the same time, you will both engage in a 2D fight with them.


The opposing player(s) are your main enemy(ies), and you have to defeat them to win each match. Usually, they are accompanied by less powerful enemies. They will actively go after you, and will also defeat enemies around them unless they are allied to them.


These are the non-powered goons that go with each Rumble match. They will try and beat anyone that gets near (even fellow enemies). If a group of enemies are allied with one other, they will not fight each other and instead go after you and the Opposer. If the enemies are also allied with an Opposer, they will help the Opposer win the match.


You are able to battle them like Opposers, but only after you defeat all Enemies first. They will not go after you and instead fight other enemies, like an ally would.

Playable Characters

Conscript Roster

First Era Contenders

Contender Official Bio
Bhyz, Alien Pug
The most powerful of her species (who happens to resemble a cute Earth animal), she is the representative of the Paguu. She comes to The Conscript to bring glory to her planetary nation by unleashing her psychic power.
Cecilius, Gentleman Robot
Created by an unknown inventor, Cecilius was originally a mascot for a food brand, but he decided he was a gentleman, so he put on a suit, and started retrofitting himself with deadly offensive software. Quite the gentleman, indeed.
Delion, Heir to the Throne

Next in the royal line of succession, he can bend water to his will, and is highly popular where he comes from despite his blandness. The only reason he competes in The Conscript is that his father, a mad king, threatened him so the latter could get the wish for himself.

Gwyndol, Witch of the Covenant
Her mother, who was a witch, gave away her spellbook, broom and wand when she passed away. She is now a force to be reckoned with, a notorious witch knowing tons of fun spells and potions to torment her enemies with.
INGRID, Systems 40420 - INGRID was supposed to be a secret military project for a wartorn planet, but when she was given a too smart of an AI by accident, she burnt down the facility and comes to The Conscript anually to see how she measures against these puny organic meatsacks.
Nihonus, Ninja.
Ninjas don't give away their bios.
Olanee, The Ravager -

Being a fierce, warfaring and charming piece of work, Olanee is very eager to kill everybody in the latest Conscript with her sharp, sharp claws. Don't forget her dagger-like teeth. And dirty battle tactics. And general scariness. When she wins, she plans to enslave the entire universe.

Ragaddon, Wrath of Gaea

Born of earth and magma, Ragaddon is the unrelentless son of Gaea. He can tank attacks, beat things to a pulp, and call on the power of the earth to leave a trail of destruction behind him. He's basically Gaea's puppet with no mind of his own.

Tim Tim, The Deadliest 10-Year-Old
Tim Tim
Fighting in The Conscript since the age of 6, he is the universe's youngest inventor. He boasts a jetpack, bazooka, hard-light shield and bionic arm. One of the original contenders of The Conscript, his parents are very proud of little Tim Tim. 
Viola, Little Miss Sharpshooter
The very first person who entered the very first Conscript, Viola is a rootin' tootin' cowgirl who likes to shoot peoples' faces off. An expert marksman, she is ready face yet another challenger.

Second Era

Name Image Official Bio
Avarica, Mafia Queen

Living in a dystopia with a dominating cutthroat gang, she had to survive the harsh conditions of her city, so she worked up the ranks and became their gang leader, The Queen. She is vicious, she is deadly, she has gunmen, and she is ready to give you a taste of her mafia.

Flint, Blind Bowman
Although blind, Flint is one of the most able archers in the universe, having gone through tons of rigorous training under famous individuals across space. His quiver is filled with random specialised arrows to add unpredictability to his arsenal a long with a keen sense and a fast draw.
Hyacinth, Lightning Bounder -

A skilled thief, Hyacinth wields a mystical artefact that she stole from a wizard, the Eledaea, that channels the power of electricity to tear through enemies. Her sneaky demeneaor and quick thinking helps her through confrontations, but in the end she doesn't want violence.

Khaa'vul, Naga Naginata


Khaa'vul is a naga, a race of mighty warriors who are formidible fighters. His weapon of choice is the naginata, but he is more than meets the eye. Nagas are filled with surprises, and hide unexpected abilities, waiting for the moment to strike.

Morrison, Local Witch Doctor - A gentle soul from a faraway land, Morrison is a frequent practitioner of voodoo and witchcraft, very cryptic and never speaks in a straight manner... Potions and staff on standby, he's going to test his limits and show what Muni is all about.
Punnisher, Comedian Extraordnaire -

He was born into a magical family, with powerful magical capabilities, but what did he choose to do with his immense power? Puns. With his trusty fannypack, microphone stand, charisma and horrible puns, he's going to PUNnish anyone who gets in his way.

Q, Vessel of Chaos -

It is unknown what Q is, who Q is, and why Q is. He deals in Chaos Magic, which is a type of magic that can warp reality and break logic. Q never speaks, nevers any feelings, and no one has ever seen Q's face. There's a big air of mystery surrounding them.

Sir Pent, Pythonian Knight -

A noble knight from the kingdom of Pythonia, he carries with him a sacred sword, accompanied with a sentient snake bestowed upon him by the Snake Deity. He is a strong silent type, but he isn't emotionless. He shares a few laughs, makes the occasional snarky remark, and enjoys stabbing things.

Zanin, Hunter in the Wilds - Raised in the wild, she is friend to all animals, who frequently run to her side to protect, help attack and rip things to shreds. She is also primitive, loaded with spears, crude bows and the like, but she can pack a punch with the help of her adorable, vicious animal friends.

Third Era

Name Image Official Bio
Eres, Frozen Pea
When her twin sister died, she made a deal with a ice demon to bring her back, but that she was tricked into being cursed with the uncanny power to control ice, but the demon did fulfill his end of the deal; her twin sister came back as a ghost, who helps her through Eres' endeavours.
Juanita, Ángel de la Muerte - On her wedding day, Juanita's husband was inflicted with an uncurable disease. In a desperate attempt, she consulted a gypsy and brewed the ultimate cure-all, which cured him. This angered Death itself, so she was transformed into the Angel of Death, sworn to do Death's bidding.
LaBrigé, Lean Aviator - LaBrigé is a famous expert pilot who, in a freak accident, got her biological structure changed, and gained the power to fly and control kinetic energy. She is new and eager to hone her newfound powers at the latest Conscript.
Udele, Bad to the Hip Bone - Carrying an array of deadly weapons, explosives, poisonous substances and more, she is here to prove that age doesn't matter when it comes to beating up people. Ask her about her age, and she'll proudly state she's 99 years old. Just don't mock her about it unless you want to be beheaded.
Weiss, Nosy Reporter - Weiss is a very new contender, who aims to find out the secrets of The Conscript, but first, he has to win. He has no special abilities of him to speak of and can be described as a Rumbler, but he scrapes by and can compare to the more powerful contenders, somehow. 
Xamy, Yandere -

A young, innocent school girl who seems to have accidentally wandered into The Conscript. Wait, what are you doing with that...? Hey now, stay back! NO, STAY BACK! HELP! AHHHHHHHHHHHH- giggle

Yosef, Mad Scientist - A scientist driven mad by his research, Yosef lost his mind and meandres the universe, conducting brutal and unethical experiments on various things. He has no sense of morality, and has no problem in throwing random chemicals and firing lasers at everything.

Unlockable Characters

Name Image Official Bio
Natalie, Infamous Buccaneer - Born and raised at sea, Natalie is known amongst pirates as the Queen of the Seven Seas. Always backed up by her loyal crew, she happily brandishes her sword and swashbuckling pride that easily intimidates.
Vance, The Revitalised - Vance is back, and he's learnt a few things...
King Darius, The Mad King - Tired of having to wait for Delion to win the Conscript, King Darius enters The Conscript to get the wish. He's on the crazy side, but he is crazily good at killing people. He will stop at nothing to get. That. Wish.
Reanne, Slash and Burn and Heal - Unlike most of her people, Reanne is a kind Eishwyn who is very skilled in the medical field. This, combined with her destructive nature of her fiery powers, make an unusual fighter, or rather, healer.
Joaquim, Demon of Life - He has no memory of what happened before he died and isn't even sure his name is even Joaquim, but he was resurrected by the angels and became loyal to Life as its demon; the Demon of Life. He is sent on an unknown quest to the Conscript, harnessing life energy as self-defence.
Madame Mel, Modern Delphi - Madame Mel is the most recent host of the Delphi, an ancient Greek spirit that allows her to tell the future via prophecies and visions, from tiny to game-changing predictions. Her cybernetically-enhanced limbs allow her to control the Delphi's power for fighting and fortune-telling.

Team Combos

Each character has a set of categories, and when matched up with another character with at least one same category, gets a bonus added to them. Bonuses can stack, and bonuses are only shared with the players who share the same category, not throughout your whole team.


  • ↑ Attack - The amount of damage dealt to an enemy is increased.
  • ↑ Defence - The amount of damage taken is decreased.
  • ↑ Speed - Mobility is increased.
  • ↑ Health - The amount of maximum health is increased.
  • ↑ Grab - Grabs are quicker, and grab attacks deal more damage.
  • ↑ Dodge - Dodges are quicker. 
  • ↑ Counter - Counters deal more damage.
  • ↑ Jump - Jumps are quicker and higher.
Combo Description Bonus(es) Components
Veterans Contenders who have been competing since around the start; the first era. ↑ Attack Bhyz, Cecilius, Delion, Gwyndol, INGRID, Nihonus, Olanee, Ragaddon, Tim Tim, Viola
Regulars Contenders who have been competing since a few years ago; the second era. ↑ Defence Avarica, Flint, Hyacinth, Khaa'vul, Morrison, Punnisher, Q, Sir Pent, Zanin
Newcomers Contenders who are new to The Conscript; the third era. ↑ Speed Eres, Juanita, LaBrigé, Udele, Weiss, Xamy, Yosef
Femme Fatale Females or resembling of.

↑ Attack

↑ Speed

Avarica, Bhyz, Eres, Gwyndol, Hyacinth, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Olanee, Udele, Viola, Xamy, Zanin, Reanne, Madame Mel
Male Mortale Males or resembling of.

↑ Attack

↑ Defence

Cecilius, Delion, Nihonus, Q, Sir Pent, Tim Tim, Flint, Khaa'vul, Morrison, Punnisher, Weiss, Yosef, Vance, King Darius
No Preference Agender contenders.

↑ Defence

↑ Health

Q, INGRID, Sir Pent
No Limits Pansexual contenders.

↑ Attack

↑ Speed

Olanee, Yosef
Synthetic Hearts Robots with AI. ↑ Jump  Cecilius, INGRID
Inventors Contenders who are known to invent things. ↑ Attack  Tim Tim and Yosef
Creator, Creation An invention and someone who invented it.

↑ Speed

↑ Health  

Cecilius and Tim Tim
Wild Cards Contenders who live in the wild.

↑ Attack

↑ Speed 

Morrison and Zanin
Massacre Very sadistic contenders.

↑  Attack


Olanee and Xamy
Royalty Contenders born into royalty. ↑  Health Delion, Eres, King Darius
Animal Lovers Contenders who have animals as companions.

↑ Grab


Sir Pent and Zanin
Abracadabra Contenders whose powers are based on magic.

↑ Speed

↑ Dodge

Gwyndol, Punnisher, Morrison, Eres, Juanita, Q, Reanne, Joaquim,
Knight, Mage, Thief Contenders who fit into classic RPG archetypes.

↑ Attack

↑ Speed

Gwyndol, Hyacinth, Sir Pent
Dark Forces Behind Them Contenders who have tangled with evil entities. ↑ Dodge Q, Eres, Juanita, King Darius
Training Buddies Contenders who frequently train with each other.

↑  Jump


Viola and Flint, Viola and Vance, Delion and Eres
Age Doesn't Matter Contenders who are normally too old/young to compete in something like The Conscript.

↑ Health

↑ Attack

Tim Tim and Udele
Rivals Contenders who see each other as rivals. ↑ Defence Nihonus and Natalie
Queen and Queen Contenders who are labelled as "queens".

↑ Speed

↑ Grab

Avarica and Natalie
Blade Buds Contenders who use bladed weapons. ↑ Attack↑ Counter Hyacinth, Natalie, King Darius
Intellectuals Contenders who have psychic powers. ↑ Counter Bhyz and Madame Mel
Family Reunion Contenders who are related to each other.

↑ Defence

↑ Block

Viola and Vance, Delion and King Darius
Elementals Contenders who correspond to any of the five elements.

↑ Attack

↑ Speed

Reanne, Delion, Ragaddon, LaBrigé, Q
Cyborgs Contenders who are part robot.

↑ Jump 

↑ Counter

Tim TIm, Madame Mel
Earthlings Contenders who hail from Earth.

↑ Grab 

↑ Jump 

Juanita, Madame Mel, Tim Tim, Joaquim


Conscript Rumblers

They are people who'd like to participate in The Conscript but have no special abilities. They are in huge numbers, and most Rumblers' strategies is to take out as many people as possible before they get to The Conscript. You first encounter them in Chapter 1 (Weiss) where they start a huge fight in the spaceship going to Korrol.

Conscript Ambushers

Similar to Rumblers, Ambushers have no special abilities but are in huge numbers. Ambushers stay in groups and camp out on The Road, ambushing anyone who they think is going to participate in The Conscript. You first encounter them in Chapter 1 (Weiss) when they ambush Weiss, Viola and Nihonus in the middle of a fight on The Road.

Conscript-Generated Enemies (CGEs)

The Conscript is able to generate enemies whose main purpose is to beat everyone. They are referred to as CGEs by contenders, and act exactly like the enemies the CGEs imitate. 


  • Ability - Each character has a special ability that sets their playstyle apart from the other characters. They are mostly non-damaging moves that have a tendency to raise the character's stats or lower the enemy's in a unique way. 
  • Aerial - Attacks in mid-air, or involving the up direction.
  • Anvil - When in mid-air, you can press the block button to go down immediantly.
  • Block - By pressing L1 at the right time, you can minismise damage from attacks. Some attacks are not affected by block, though.
  • Chain - A consecutive row of Neutral or Heavy attacks, which can be mixed together for different kinds of Chains.
  • Counter - When dodging from a physical attack, you can press an attack button after the dodge at the right time to preform a counter. A counter that is too late or too early will make you stunned after getting hit.
  • Dextral - Attacks involving a forward direction.
  • Dodge - By pressing the square button at the right time, you can get out of the way of your opponent's attacks. Depending on the attack, a Dodge while going towards a certain direction are more effective.
  • Double Jump - You can double jump in this game by using the up control at the correct time after your first jump.
  • Grab - If close enough, you can press R1 to grab the opponent. You have two options while grabbing: Throw them away by pressing R1 again, or attack them using X or O. If you are the person being grabbed, you can rapid tap any button to try and escape. You can also dodge and counter attacks when grabbed. A person can grab someone while they're blocking, but a grab can be dodged and countered.
  • Grandiose - By racking up enough damage and kills, you can press L2 and R2 together to do a powerful special attack, similar to Overwatch's Ultimates or Super Smash Brothers' Final Smashes.
  • Horizontal - Attacks involving both the right and left directions.
  • Sinistral - Attacks involving a backward direction.
  • Throw - When grabbing someone, you can press R1 again to throw them. Depending on the direction, the throw will vary in damage.
  • Topper - Attacks involving the up direction.
  • Neather - Attacks involving the down direction.
  • Vertical - Attacks involving both the up and down directions.


Control(s) Function
PS4 Dpad PS4 Left Stick Move
PS4 Right Stick Move Camera
PS4 Triangle Ability
PS4 Square Dodge/Counter
PS4 Cross Neutral Attack
PS4 Circle Heavy Attack
PS4 L1 Block
PS4 R1 Grab
PS4 L2 PS4 R2 Grandiose

Stage Obsctacles


Hazards Variations Description Notes
Pitfall If one runs into a pitfall, they will fall in immediately and die.
  • Bhyz, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Tim Tim and Joaquim naturally float above pitfalls.
  • Nihonus runs over pitfalls.
  • Small pitfalls do not work on Ragaddon.
  • Zanin's birds will catch her before she dies when falling.
  • Q will sometimes ignore pitfalls.
Puddle If one runs too fast along a puddle, they will slip and take damage.
  • Bhyz, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Tim Tim and Joaquim naturally float above puddles.
  • Nihonus never slips on puddles.
  • Zanin's animal friends will prevent her from falling over.
  • Cecilius and INGRID (if knocked down) will get short-wired and immediately die.
  • Delion can take water from puddles and will never slip.
  • Eres turns puddles into ice when walked on.
  • Q will sometimes ignore puddles.
Magma / Lava If one steps into magma/lava they will immediately drown and die.
  • Bhyz, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Tim Tim and Joaquim naturally float above magma/lava, but they'll be slowed down due to the heat.
  • Ragaddon can swim in magma/lava, but only for a while before he melts and dies.
  • Eres turns the magma into rock when walked on.
Acid If one steps into acid they will immediately melt and die.
  • Bhyz, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Tim Tim and Joaquim naturally float above acid, but they'll take damage due to the fumes.
  • Eres freezes the acid when walked on.
  • Q will sometimes ignore the magma/lava.
Deep Water Anyone who goes in too deep they'll be forced to swim, preventing them from attacking. If they stay in the water for too long, they will get tired and drown.
  • Bhyz, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Tim Tim and Joaquim naturally float above deep water.
  • Nihonus can go over deep water if he runs fast enough.
  • Ragaddon and King Darius are too heavy and will immediately drown.
  • Cecilius and INGRID (if knocked down) will immediately get short-circuited and die.
  • Delion can take from the water and can walk over it.
  • Eres freezes the water when walked on.
  • Q will sometimes ignore deep water.
Jagged Edges Anyone who runs into them will take damage.
  • Q will sometimes ignore jagged edges.
Devil Plant A nuisance in many planets, they secrete an oil that can cause varying effects when touched, like increasing damage over time, paralysation, or slowing.
  • Bhyz, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Tim Tim and Joaquim naturally float above devil plants.
  • Cecilius, INGRID, Juanita, Ragaddon and Joaquim ignore devil plants due to their inorganic skin.
  • Eres freezes devil plants before they can effect her.
  • Q will sometimes ignore devil plants.
Quicksand If one gets caught up in it can escape by holding the controller deathly still or else they will drown.
  • Bhyz, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Tim Tim and Joaquim naturally float above quicksand.
  • Eres freezes quicksand when walked on.
  • Q will sometimes ignore quicksand.
  • Gaea will make the quicksand solid for Ragaddon.
Fire Rune Anyone who is in the vicinity of one will be incinerated.
  • Ragaddon will only take a little damage.
  • Reanne will be unaffected.
Ice Rune Anyone who is in the vicinity of one will be impaled by icy spikes.
  • Eres will be unaffected.
Earth Rune Anyone who is in the vicinity of one will be engulfed in the earth.
  • Ragaddon will be unaffected.
Electric Rune Anyone who is in the vicinity of one will be burnt to a crisp with lightning.
  • Hyacinth's Eledaea will absorb the blast.
Jinx Rune Anyone who is in the vicinity of one will be slowed down.
  • Gwyndol, Morrison and Punnisher will wear off a jinx rune faster than other contenders.
Wood Rune Anyone who is in the vicinity of one will be strangled by tree roots.
Crumbling Floor If stepped on/attacked upon enough times, it will turn into a pitfall.
  • Bhyz, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Tim Tim and Joaquim naturally float above crumbling floors.
  • Gaea will mend any crumbling floor for Ragaddon.
  • Eres will freeze the crumbling floor over if walked on.
  • Nihonus's steps do not count towards them becoming a pitfall.
  • King Darius' steps count more.
  • Q will sometimes ignore crumbling floors.
Bear Trap If one steps onto a bear trap, it will bite into them and deal decreasing damage over time. It will also slow down to the contender. -
  • Bhyz, INGRID, Juanita, LaBrigé, Tim Tim and Joaquim naturally float above bear traps.
  • Ragaddon's feet are too big to be effected by bear traps.
  • Cecilius, INGRID and Tim Tim (if knocked down) and Madame Mel take less damage because of their metallic limbs.
Explosives Detonate on sets amount of time, creates explosions that damage contenders.


  • Eres can freeze explosives when walked on.
  • Q will sometimes ignore the explosions.
  • Falling Objects - Objects can randomly crash onto the ground, and form a shadow that gets darker as it gets closer to warn you beforehand.
  • Vaccuums - Anyone who gets sucked in will immediately die. The closer a contender gets to a vaccuum,the more powerful its suction will be, but you can mash buttons to try and escape the vaccuum.
  • Fire Source - Anyone who touches a fire source will take a bit of damage.
  • Electricity Source - Anyone who touches an electricity source will be pushed back, taking damage.
  • Electrified Water - Anyone who touches electrified water will be knocked out (and respawn).


Some characters can cause these conditions.

  • Great Heat - Contenders will be slower over time and may sometimes pass out. Ragaddon Reanne are unaffected.
  • Great Cold - Contenders have a higher chance of missing attacks. Cecilius, INGRID and Eres are unaffected.
  • Constant Fog/Darkness - What you see on the screen is very limited due to the fog/darkness. As for Darkness, it is always present in the night versions of every stage if the stage isn't lit up.
  • Moving Vehicle - Contenders may get sick (Nihonus and Flint are unaffected) or get rocked around.
  • Blizzard - Always accompanied by Great Cold, it can limit what you can see on screen and characters may take damage or get rocked around.
  • Heavy Rain - Produces Puddles, and it can limit what you can see on screen. Ragaddon, INGRID and Cecilius take damage from Heavy Rain.
  • Sandstorm - Limits what you can see on screen, and characters may take damage or get rocked around.
  • Lava/Acid Rain - Produces Magma/Acid, and characters (except for Ragaddon for Lava Rain) take constant damage.
  • Constant Tremors - The stage will sometimes shakes violently, rocking contenders around.


Stage Description Hazards Conditions
Spaceship Travel A generic spaceship heading towards an unknown destination. Considering these kinds of spaceships indiscriminately pick up anyone or anything that it happens to come across, there's bound to be a fight.
Falling Objects, Vaccuums, Fire Source, Electricity Source
Moving Vehicle
Conscript Arena The Conscript Arena is a plain stadium-like stage that takes place in a default Conscript arena. Everything is controlled, so there are no hazards or conditions whatsoever. N/A N/A
Road to Arena The long monotonous road heading towards the Conscript arena. Some people set up camp around the road, but the living conditions prevent anyone from living there long-term.
Great Heat, Darkness, Sandstorm
Wild Jungle A lively place of nature also filled with interesting creatures.
Falling Objects
Great Heat, Heavy Rain, Constant Fog
The Shifting Sands A mysterious desert that seems to shift around. Otherwise, it acts like a normal desert.
Falling Objects
Great Heat, Great Cold, Sandstorm, Darkness
Training Room A blank room for people to practice their fighting. Falling Objects N/A
Sailing Ship The battle takes place on a wooden ship sailing across a sea.
, Falling Objects, Bear Traps
Moving Vehicle, Heavy Rain
Volcanic Rock Takes place around a treacherous volcano, which is currently highly active.
, Falling Objects, Bear Traps
Lava Rain, Great Heat, Constant Tremors, Constant Fog
Snowy Woodlands The place consists of snow, ice, snow, woodland, and snow. People who are very protective of their turf, it being the woodlands, take residence. Pitfalls (Snow Pitfalls), Jagged Edges (Thorny Bushes), Bear Traps Great Cold, Blizzard
Pathetic Wasteland A wasteland filled with anarchy.
Bear Traps, Falling Objects
Great Heat, Sanstorm, Acid Rain, Constant Tremors


  • This is M i n g o ' s first game.
  • Dextral and Sinistral mean right and left respectively, but they are used in this game to mean forward and backward.

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