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In January of 2970, the large country of Antiliber wished to become a great empire. They moved towards the continent of Eternite, and by 2976, they had conquered the countries of Hara, a great portion of Glacier and Aspersion, a province of Calenta, Terria, and half of Ferri in that order. This was in such a disorganized manner that no country knew what to expect next, and the country of Aeon felt threatened due to the fact that Antiliber seemed to be moving in their direction.

There happen to be three possible outcomes from the ending of the first Conquest Aeon game. One is that Aeon is a country fighting for the right causes, and they liberate the Antilibertian-occupied countries and aide them in becoming their own strong country. Another is that Aeon seeks to steal the empire from Antiliber, and takes the countries from Aeon to help build their own empire. Finally is one where Aeon has no concern with Antiliber on its own, and seeks to take all of Eternite as its own country to make a huge empire. Conquest Aeon 2 follows the first possible ending.

In 2977, there was a huge political debate between the northern and southern sections of Aeon. The sections which had the most anger towards the other section of the country were the extreme south and extreme north. At a point, it became so bad that the two small provinces of Anglia and Indeos both joined together and started a revolution against the rest of the country. In August of 2977, they left Aeon, and started their own country of Aeon North. To the rest of the country, this was an important matter, but the issue of the growing Antiliber Empire was more of a pressing matter against the government to where they needed to focus military efforts towards it.

In October of 2977, Antiliber took over the country of Oeste, being very close to Aeon. The government had soon planned to take over Naranja Isles and Nadie, to surround Aeon. The Aeonian military had to do something about this, and built up their military to stop the Antiliber Empire. As they did so, the forces of Aeon North built up a powerful military with plans to slowly take over more and more of the mainland of Aeon. In February of 2978, Aeon officially went to war with Antiliber.

In March of 2981, Aeon and Antiliber had completed their war, and Aeon had become successful. The provinces of Calenta, Aspersion, and Ferri all went back to being part of their respective country. The Hara Islands and Terria returned to being their own countries. Surantiliber became its own country, later known as Surasea. Aeon was able to turn its focus to its issues with Aeon North in July of 2981. However, Aeon North did not wish to settle feuds with Aeon. They wished to become an empire of their own, and were prepared to go to war.

In August of 2981, Aeon North now had occupied ten more provinces of Aeon, and were able to build up their military more. The capital city of Aeon, Aeoncia, was split up between the idea of joining Aeon North or staying with Aeon. Aeoncia took a vote in November of 2981, and three fourths of the officials agreed that Aeoncia should become its own small nation, completely being the city. Aeon's capital city was moved to a southeastern city, Casantrium. Aeon North continued taking over the country of Aeon, and eventually Aeon was moved to becoming a small country at the southeastern part of where it originally was. Aeon North eventually gave up on gaining more land on the Aeonian peninsula.

Eternite stood through a temporary peace for 30 years. In 3014, the government of Vessel rapidly began to collapse. The northern provinces agreed that their land would be in better hands if they were to be under control of Nairiku, and the southern agreed the same for Costo. The country split up in May of 3015, and half of the country became part of Costo and the other was part of Nairiku; except one small southern province stayed as its own country of Cathuania.

In September of 3017, Esprite launched an attack on the country of Oeste. Esprite had an idea for conquest, and planned to take over Oeste. Oestians did not wish to be taken by Esprite, and for five years, the two countries fought in a war. Oeste, in the end, very quickly ran out of money and soldiers to fight for their war in 3022. Oeste had no choice but to surrender, and the country of Oesprite was formed from the two.

In 3025, Aspersion and Calenta had a dispute between their borders and it was agreed upon that Aspersion owned all of what was formerly Calenta de Antiliber. Peace consisted in Eternite until 3056, when Aeon North developed a technology that could extremely quickly raise massive land formations from the ocean. Near the southernmost part of Oesprite, with no other country's permission, they raised a huge island from the ocean in international waters. The island was known as Cyprovus, and was completely territory of Aeon North.

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