The Conquering of Sky City was an event that occurred between 8043-OR and 02-SR. Hated by many, it was the day that Schatten took over Sky City using his robotic army. Schatten forces all those within Sky City to celebrate his conquering on the first of every year- a day known as Day of Rebirth. After the conquering, many changes were put in place by Schatten in order to gain full control over the population, with most history from prior to his conquering (dubbed the Old Rule, or OR) being destroyed or altered to fit his needs. The event took place three years before the Blacklight series.


The war started suddenly one day, when an army of cloaking robots - which would later be known as Spitron Scouts - assassinated the then-ruler of Sky City. The army, under the rule of the deceased mayor's son, tracked the robots back to a signal beacon on the Ground. The area, later to be known as The Order, was a barren grassland, perhaps once a forest, with a large crater jutting the ground. It was here where most of the fighting between the Sky City Army and their supporters (to be later dubbed the Communists by Schatten) and the large, seemingly sentient robotic army (dubbed the Saviours by Schatten).

The war lasted until 8045-OR, when the larger, bulkier robots, the Spitron Mechs, killed the commanders of "the Communists", and almost 60% of said army. Before the rest of the army could do anything, Schatten had already revealed his position as ruler of Sky City - which he had held for the entirety of the previous year - and ordered the Communists to be arrested.

Very few of the Communists were able to flee, and those who did have been known to have been tracked down and killed, or starved to death. Many of the peaceful supporters were also killed off, to cut all ties with the world from before.


During the fighting on The Order, over 75,000 men and women were known to be killed, while only a small number - around 23,500 - Spitrons were killed in battle. Several notable casualties include the twenty commanders of the Sky City Army, and the son of the final mayor. 10,000 more casualties were reported upon the initial takeover by Schatten's army, with many of them being due to Schatten's communist ideals.

Many other deaths, 1250, have been reported, and are suspected to have been caused by Schatten or his robotic army, though have been officially reported as "suicides" or "accidents".

Over 12,000 men and women civilians of Sky City were also deemed as missing after The Order. 90% of these have since been found (most dead), while the missing 10% include local hero White, and his comrades, and a select few of the soldiers who fought in The Order. Most of these people have since been suspected to have fled the country, or killed by starvation/dehydration.

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