Connor the Catfish
Full Name Connor
Current Age 4 (that's about teenage for a catfish)
Date of Birth 2nd November
Gender Male
Species Channel Catfish
Class Main Character
Family and Relations
Catherine the Catfish
Ability/ies Spark, Whip-like Whiskers
I don't care who you are, how did I get here and why can't I see anything
Connor upon entering the swamp

Connor is a catfish, who lived in Swallow River, but has been trapped in a swamp. He is a tan channel catfish, which is a rare color, but that's always been overshadowed by his albino sister. He is hotheaded and daring. Some of the fish that live in his river call him courageous, others call him stupid.


Connor is the main character in the Catfish Swamp games and debuted in Catfish Swamp. He was the only playable character then, but in Catfish Swamp 2, his sister and Trent the Turtle will be playable. He is the fastest character in the series. He has an electric attack, which covers his body in electricity. When under tough situations he either panics or tries way to hard to fix the problem. He gets into trouble easily and is very curios.