Connie Webster
Full Name Constance Taylor Webster
Current Age 21
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Liverpool, New York
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Dave Sikes (ex-boyfriend)
Ability/ies Toxikinetic powers
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity Hispanic
Height 4'11"
First Appearance TBA

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Connie is a human from New York. She has toxikinetic powers that she attempts to hide.


Connie is a short 21-year-old woman with long black hair. She wears a green sweater with blue straps, black skinny jeans and brown boots. She has hazel eyes and has a pink beanie.


Connie was born in New York and was raised in Manhattan. When she was 8, she found out she had toxikinesis after she accidentally poisoned her father. Her father narrowly survived and her family moved to California not long after. When Connie was 13, she met Dave Sikes, of whom had just moved to California from Iowa. The two helped each other out commonly during high school and following graduation, the two dated but the relationship didn't last long. They are still friends and they now work together.


Connie tends to be the joker of the teams she's in. Her sense of humor can appeal to many people and she tends to cheer even the most glum of people up.