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Conker VS. the regular guys Is a game for the Xbox One. It is created by Rare and squintel studios and involves killing regular guys from THAT show. I don't want to tell you the name of the show. the game is rated M due to bloody violence and strong language.


A drunk Conker The Squirrel finds himself in his worst nightmare: that show, where everything lives but ether bossy, 23 or just plain s****. he explores this unnamed town where he sees a park. in that park is a 23 year old jay and racoon, a bossy gumball machine, a very old yeti, a green guy, a ghost with a hand on its head and what Conker calls a human you-know-what. Conker gets scared and runs away. then he sees his old friend, Birdy. He tells Conker about "Context Sensitive" and Conker goes for his greatest mission: kill all people in the show. he kills the human you-know-what and suddenly the rest of the park gang chase after him. scared again, he goes to Birdy for help. Birdy tells Conker about "Action Sensitive". with it he kills more people and the ghost with the hand on his head. the green guy avenges his friend by atempting to kill Conker, but Conker kills him. some of the park's friends chase conker out of town. Conker needs help so he finds his friend Franky Pitchfork from Bad Fur Day. He is happy to help, and they kill more people. they meet the very old yeti. They fight him, but he summons his friends ("some aduts in diapers") and they fight the duo. the yeti gets his "gloves that are kinda a mix between controllers and gauntlets". in the fight, the yeti dies and so does franky. the remaining park guys are so angry they get more of their friends and chase him. Conker finds Gregg the grim reaper who complains about cats ("those bloody things") and gives him a shotgun and helps him. they kill even more people when they find the boss, the jay and the racoon. they battle the duo and get more friends, a female jay, a t.v robot and a "moon man". they kill them and also the boss. surprisingly, there are no blood in him. the jay and racoon get all of their friends and chase the duo. Conker gets the squirrel army to kill all of the people of the wierd town and kill more people. they chase the remaining outer space into a space tornado. conker crashes his ship into the tornado and finds the remaining 2. they fight Conker to the death, but soon he gets the upper hand and kills the racoon. the jay wants revenge, so he turns into a scary monster, 4 feet, a pair of wings and a monsterous face. it chases conker until Conker gets a mega machine to kill the beast. he eventually cuts the monster's head off and Conker dances in victory when he falls into his doom.

Conker wakes up, glad for it to be a dream. As king, Conker watches a 69 inch T.V. the same show he killed on all the characters in was on, and angrily, he smashes it.


more soon.

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