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Conker (film)
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Producer(s) (add here please)
Studio(s) Rare
Aardman Animations
BBC Films
Film Roman
Writer(s) (add here please)
Distributor(s) StudioCanal (UK)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (USA)
Type Computer animated film
Genre(s) Adult animation
Adult comedy
Dark comedy
Gross-out humor
Music (add here please)
Country of Origin United Kingdom
United States
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Theatrical Release Date(s)
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Age Rating(s)
UK: 18
USA: R (for disturbing, graphic, and violent images and as well as strong languages, crude, gross-out and suggestive humor, and drug-use throughout)
Original Language English
Runtime 95 minutes
Conker is a British/American computer-animated adult/dark comedy film produced by Rare (owned by Microsoft), and Aardman Animations, BBC Films, and Film Roman. It is based on the Rare's video game franchise of the same name about a talking squirrel and his crude misadventures.


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