Conker: Exile
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
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Platform(s) Xbox One, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, 3D Platformer
Series Conker
Predecessor Conker's Bad Fur Day (Conker: Live & Reloaded)
Conker: Exile is an upcoming Action-Adventure, 3D Platformer developed by Darklight Studios for the Xbox One and Visus Sphere. It is a spiritual successor and sequel to Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live and Reloaded. The game unlike the latter of the previous mentioned does keep its content all open to the player.


About three days after the events of Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker already pissed off from being force into the position of King decides he needs to somehow exile himself from the kingdom since his many "advisers" keep pestering him to stay in the castle instead of adventure. Conker ends up getting incredibly drunk of what is referred to as The Conker Special by the Castle's Barkeep. Drunkenly moping around the castle, Conker ends up noticing a bunch of his advisers are just outside the castle, without much thought, Conker stumbles over the gate lever skewering a few advisers to their death.

The remaining advisers attempt to conduct a seminar with Conker to assess his drinking problems, however Conker, suffering from the hangover doesn't want to focus on any of them and opts to head over to one of the windows in the room. Conker ends up falling out the Window however into the river that wraps around the castle pulling him far away from the castle. While the Advisers are watching they consult what to do now that King Conker is gone. They end up devising to turn the castle into a military fort to protect it in case Conker returns.

The camera returns to Conker who has washed up onshore near a large forest. Conker slowly gets up and shakes off the last of his hangover and decides that he'd best wander through the forest to figure out where he is.


Like its predecessor, Conker: Exile is a 3D Platformer. In it, Conker must progress through various inter-connected areas to gradually return to the castle. Along his way he meets a variety of characters who help him in some manner to return to the castle. In addition Conker learns a variety of new moves to help him explore as well as a few weapons as well. Like Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker will end up running into several boss characters in who will force Conker to battle them so he can return home.

Ledge Grabbing - Learnt in Gulp Gulch
Corkscrew Swimming - Learnt in The 'Ol Factory
High Jump - Learnt in Plastic Mountain
Long Jump - Learnt in Undergrowth
Backflip Jump - Learnt in Sulphur Mines
Cartwheel Kick - Learnt in Vibro-Plex
Tail Spin - Learnt in Fluff-Off Forest
Enemy Jump - Learnt in Electric Bungalow
Dig - Learnt in Pick-Up Graveyard
  • - Pre-Learnt


Across the various areas Conker visits they are distinguished by what each location is. Locations are partially done linearly and can be done in any order in some sections.

World Boss Treasure
1 Fluff-Off Forest Candy Hag Chocolate Coin
2 Plastic Mountain Silicon Stevey Gelatinous Sculpture
3* Cluck Cluck Hospital Cluckles the Surgeon Universal Blood Bag
4* Electric Bungalow Doortrap Silver Door Handle
5* Vibro-Plex Gaul the Brute Crystal Sphere
6* The 'Ol Factory Snog Boss Gold Nugget
7 Pick-Up Graveyard Skeleton Panther Ex-King Panther Crown
8** Undergrowth Donny Conda Bronze Balls
9** Sulphur Mines Cally the Whip Blue Crystal
10** Gulp Gulch Sir Fluffles Stone Statue
11 Rancher's Resort Barnbot 3X Copper Pitchfork
12 Storm the Castle Storm, The Castle Skull of Heinrich
  • - These worlds can be done in any order
    • - These worlds can be done in any order

Fluff-Off Forest

Said to be the land where Fairtales come to life, Fluff-Off Forest is filled with an array of rather foul-mouthed and imperfect versions of fairtales said to still be developing at the time of the game. Supposedly run like a factory, the Cotton Weeds manage the Fairy Tales making sure they don't escape Fluff-Off Forest and try to avoid outside influence impacting said Fairy Tales. The most developed Fairy Tale unfortunately has gone a bit haywire and began impacting the entire Fluff-Off Forest.

  • Parodies: Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella, Goldilocks, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood
  • Theme: Fairy Tales

Plastic Mountain

It is said no living being on Plastic Mountain is who they say they are, the mountain has become synonymous with its stardom characters who've changed their physical appearance to keep the cameras rolling. The whole mountain is governed by Silicon Stevey a man said to have once been human however has had so much surgery he's more plastic than flesh.

  • Parodies: Reality Television, Soap Operas, Bargain Television
  • Theme: Plastic Surgery

Cluck Cluck Hospital

Best Hospital in the world according to Cluck Cluck Hospital (most likely due to it being the only one), the Hospital is constantly seeing new patients frequently and the staff are a bit paranoid somehow believing that by being in the hospital they are already going to die before they leave (although based on the work load that's entirely possible), helping the Hospital may reap some rewards for our Red Squirrel friend as well as calm these nutters running this show.

  • Parodies: Various Pandemic Movies, Hysteria towards new Viruses
  • Theme: Hospitals

Electric Bungalow

This giant house is oddly devoid of well, giants. It seems that the Electric Bungalow has been keeping some secrets in its rooms that even its residents seem completely unaware of. The whole house also seems to be filled with traps making it difficult to navigate to say the least, so expect to lose a few tails if you're not watching your every move.

  • Parodies: Home Alone, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Jason and the Argonauts
  • Theme: Traps, Non-Cosmic Science Fiction


No one's quite sure who built the Vibro-Plex and aside from Albert and Neil no one has spent long periods of time inside this large Neon Facility. Many silhouettes can be seen pacing the back rooms of the area although there are no doors leading to them so whether these silhouettes are even real is brought into question. The Vibro-Plex chugs out data on its "Visitors" and tends to test them at various attributes of their being.

  • Parodies: Cosmic Science-Fiction, James Bond, Portal, Early Filmography
  • Theme: Science Fiction

The 'Ol Factory

A Massive Factory Complex, the place seems to use a natural resovoir to create its heavily commericalised products. The place has become overrun by its very marketing division which have somehow brought their ads to life, meanwhile on the Factory Floor the few workers that remain are surrounded by ever growing unfilled boxes, bottles and other containers as their work load has been increased ten-fold. The Factory is said to have been where it stands for a very long time and seems to have really shown its wear and tear over time.

  • Parodies: Commercialism, 50s Red Scare Tactics, Diseases
  • Themes: Mucus & Factories

Pick-Up Graveyard

Where all pick ups end up from the trucks, the drugs and the helpful individuals, those who picked up are put down here. The graveyard much to Gregg's dismay isn't intimidating although something ungodly has been rumbling beneath the earth and seems ready to erupt with fury.

  • Parodies: Night of the Living Dead, Blues Brothers, The Green Mile
  • Theme: Death



Sulphur Mines


Gulp Gulch


Rancher's Resort


Storm the Castle



Throughout Conker: Exile Conker will acquire weapons which he can use in addition to his standard attacks against enemies. There are a total of 6 weapons that can be found across the game and require deviation from the main quest of a world.

Weapon World Obtained
Nail Board Electric Bungalow
Rain Maker The 'Ol Factory
Gargoyle's Fist Gulp Gulch
Thorny Whip Undergrowth
Car Horn Pick-Up Graveyard
Tommy Gun Storm the Castle


There are a variety of Items for Conker to collect as he progresses through each world, these items mainly account towards completion of the game and acheiving a 100% completion.

Anti-Gravity Chocolate

Anti-Gravity Chocolate

Conker's Health in the game, the Anti-Gravity Chocolate is scattered all over the game and is remnants from when the Panther King ruled the land. Anti-Gravity Chocolate can be found in anywhere from 1 to 6 pieces and can restore Conker's health of which he has 8 in total.

Chocolate Bar

Squirrel Tail

Squirrel Tail

Squirrel Tails are special items that grant Conker extra lives, much to Gregg's dismay. Squirrel Tails are found in hidden locations throughout each world and also received after defeating 50 enemies. Squirrel Tails are according to Gregg now harvested from Conker's ancestors and states that it helps that a few of his relatives are vampires as their tails regenerate every couple of weeks.

Chess Pieces

A collectible item in each world there are 2 or 3 Chess peices in each world. Collecting the chess pieces will unlock the art gallery for Conker: Exile and will recolour the menu hub for the game to a style similar to a chess board. In addition a small chessboard will be found on the menu hub which plays itself.


Across each world there are 1 or 2 keys which are necessary for unlocking the large segment of most levels with a few exceptions. Keys tend to be given by Conker helping characters in that world in some way such as retrieving a lost object, beating up a group of enemies, causing an event to happen or simply taking them from one place to another. Each Key has an symbol  on it signifying which door it can be used for although in some occasions one key is obtained before the other and its door is blocked by the latter's door.

Army Pills

Found across every level are a number of Army Pills, described to be a Platoon for conveinence these Army Pills will help Conker against the final boss of the game to access the castle itself during the first phase. The Army Pills contain small amphibious creatures with no specific known species and appear when thrown into fresh water. Ironically the only fresh water in the entire game is located in the final level.


Major Characters

  • Conker the Red Squirrel - A Red Squirrel just the right height to hold a four-legged table with a short leg up. Conker is an alcoholic, foul-mouthed and self-centered individual who's own motivations rarely line up with anyone else's. He is greedy, wrathful and prideful and hates his job as King of Panther Castle. Conker's main desire in life is to be free and to do whatever he wants without consequences.
  • Birdy the Scarecrow - A disgruntled yet helpful Scarecrow, Birdy hates people intruding on his patch of farmland although is willing to help those who help him in return. He acts as a bit of a mentor for Conker guiding him through his basic techniques.
  • Lucky the Horseshoe - A living Horseshoe who has a bizarre obsession with causing dismay to those it dislikes, Lucky can be found throughout ever world and will give Conker a boost in health if Conker helps him in some way.
  • Doug the Grandfather Clock - A huge Grandfather Clock who is perpetually pissed off, Doug likes to blame all his problems on everyone else for example he blames his inability to move on the automative industry. Doug is found across most worlds offering Conker some advice in exchange for Conker helping him.
  • Rosie the Fox - A small white Fox who followed Conker from Fluff-Off Forest, she seems to have mistaken Conker for a Fox and repeatedly tries to get his attention to varying levels of failure. She is believed to be helping Conker from afar at times as some what would assumed to be obstacles in Conker's path have already been solved.

Minor Characters

Fluff-Off Forest Characters

  • Ricky the Cotton Weed
  • Nicky the Cotton Weed
  • Mickey the Cotton Weed
  • Honz the Lard
  • Gretta the Witch
  • King Zee the Zeebee King
  • Queen Zee the Zeebee Queen
  • Tugsy the Willow Tree
  • Cindy the Pumpkin
  • Goli the Bear
  • Locky the Bear
  • Boorare the Bear
  • Red the Sail Cloth
  • Jack the Bean

Plastic Mountain Characters

  • Plastic Pete the Plastic Man
  • Waxxer the Candle
  • Wick the Candle
  • Bobo the Carnival Bear
  • Maggy the Liquid Ink
  • Clyde the Liquid Ink
  • Percy the Liquid Ink
  • Hotpot the Furnace
  • Bellchime the Security Guard
  • Brutus the Moose

Cluck Cluck Hospital Characters

  • Addie the Receptionist
  • Hepher the Receptionist
  • Carl the Janitor
  • Garreg the Doctor
  • Athena the Dermatologist
  • Rick the Radiologist
  • Maggie the Nurse
  • Pocks the Nurse
  • Patient 51
  • Patient 13
  • Vicky the Chemist
  • Connor the Chiropractor

Electric Bungalow Characters

  • Buzz the BB Rifle
  • Breezey the Ice Cube
  • Chris the Iron
  • Angus the Doorknob
  • Lenny the Doorknob
  • Pete the Doorknob
  • Sammy the Doorknob
  • Buster the Blowtorch
  • Tim the Ornament
  • Reg the Paintbrush
  • Ron the Paintpot
  • Vinny the Snow Shovel

Vibro-Plex Characters

  • Albert the Space Gorilla
  • Neil the Robotic Slave
  • Terrie the Wasp
  • Cassidy the Mongoose
  • Kevin the Otter
  • Sunny the Bat
  • Vitamus the Boulder
  • Reginald the Rock

The 'Ol Factory Characters

  • Sniffles the Mouse
  • Moggy the Dolphin
  • Sweetie the Scent
  • Spickle the Scent
  • Bitbut the Scent
  • Seeper the Scent
  • Vasous the Scent
  • Smokey the Buck
  • Lizzie the Deer
  • Met the Calf

Pick-Up Graveyard Characters

  • Chev the Tombstone
  • Orf the Cross
  • Sin the Statue
  • The Gargoyle
  • Ram the Goat
  • Otta the Weasel
  • Wes the Otter
  • Gregg the Grim Reaper
  • Gus the Ghost
  • Heath the Spectre
  • Vega the Phantom
  • Dess the Soul
  • Larry the Shadow
  • Rie the Phantasm
  • Watson the Poltergeist

Undergrowth Characters

  • Shivvy the Chainsaw
  • Norman the Redwood
  • Jimmy the Giant Allium
  • Johnny the Giant Allium
  • Marcus the Gorilla
  • Terry the Chimp
  • Barry the Baboon
  • Dr. Simian the Researcher
  • Sylvester the Zipper
  • Snips the Crab
  • Clips the Crab
  • Claws the Crab

Sulphur Mines Characters

  • Doug the Miner
  • Bill the Miner
  • Tinny the Miner
  • Shen the Miner
  • Glen the Miner
  • Vale the Miner
  • Blinky the Mole
  • Clay the Computer A.I.
  • Reg the Crystal Golem
  • Borris Pinto the Oil Drum
  • Pegzy the Weasel Pirate
  • Swigzy the Weasel Pirate
  • First-Mate Parksy the Weasel
  • Captain Golki the Weasel

Gulp Gulch Characters

  • Bellabelle the Vulture
  • Simmi the Lemur
  • Sammy the Lemur
  • Sonny the Lemur
  • Harold the Archaeologist
  • Martha the Falcon
  • Vitus the Eagle
  • Scoop the Squirrel
  • T'nt the Squirrel
  • Benny the Squirrel
  • Hapson the Komodo Dragon
  • Lette the Chameleon

Rancher's Resort Characters

  • Borris the Corn Cob
  • Victor the Rancher
  • Claus the Bull
  • Lucas the Bull
  • Billy the Potato
  • Dolly the Sheep
  • Lloyd the Sheep
  • Mary the Lamb
  • Myra the Lamb
  • Barkley the Turnip
  • Argo the Swan
  • Norion the Loudspeaker
  • Chipper the Grashopper
  • Dill the Bread Loaf
  • Bob the Carrot

Storm the Castle Characters

  • Private Rodent the Squirrel
  • Marvin the Mouse
  • Franky the Pitchfork
  • Mr. Big Cog the Cog
  • Vera the Seal
  • Polly the Bulldog
  • Zander the Scythe
  • Franky the Bank Vault
  • Slugger the Raccoon


  • Barnbot 3X is apparently an upgrade to the original Barnbot from Conker's Bad Fur Day
    • This makes Barnbot the only returning boss from the previous game
  • This is the first game where the player actually fights the Panther King

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