Conker's Good Fur Day is a sequel to Conker's Bad Fur Day. It is by ElectricMayhem for the 3DSNES. Also coming soon is Banjo-Threeie.


Conker is at his birthday party when one of the presents he recieves is a "Good Luck Charm", from a mysterious cloaked turtle. He chases after the turtle and ends up on a dangerous path through the Haunted Meadows, where he is attacked by the Great Unipenguin Lord, Luciferius. Luciferius tells Conker he is trespassing on Unipenguin property, and Conker is ambushed by a hoard of evil Unipenguins. He escapes, and sees that the cloaked turtle is waiting for him. The turtle reveals he is really an ancient shaman from the Wizturtle Tribe, which battled the Unipenguins long ago before the dawn of mankind. The shaman tells Conker that if he does enough good deeds, the Good Luck Charm will fill with good karma energy, and it will reveal to him the secret of the Unipenguins. Conker sets out across the lands to help people and get enough Good Karma Energy to power up the Charm, so he can finally find out what the long lost ancient secret of the Unipenguins really is...