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CBBFD Sidelogo
Conker Bigger Badder Fur Day
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Rare logo
Colin Entertainment Ltd logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Nin10 (Wii U release)
Microsoft Logo (Xbox One and PC release)
Platform(s) Wii U
Xbox One
Genre(s) Action, platforming
Release Date(s)
Single-Player, Co-Op Multiplayer (2-4), Online Multiplayer (2-12)
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M CERO C 16Rating ESRB2013M
(Edit version)
OFLC MA15+ CERO D 18Rating ESRB2013AO
(Uncut version)
Conker's Bigger Badder Fur Day is an action-platforming video game developed by Rare and Colin Entertainment Ltd. (their first video game developed) and publisher by Fantendo and both Nintendo (Wii U version) and Microsoft Studios (Xbox One and PC version), it is a sequel of the Nintendo 64 classic 2001 video game Conker's Bad Fur Day it set a day after when Conker became king until then Kripplespac the professor of the Panther King will get revenge on Conker, then Conker meets a special agent name Anton where he can him to help get his girlfriend back and stop the professor.

It have been ported on the Wii U, Xbox One and PC. Later it re-released in the Uncut version coming very soon.


It began of Conker the Squirrel is walking sad to the bar in a rainy day that he lost his girlfriend from before of the event, later he was been drunked and walked out off the bar and going to the forest where he was been falled down. In the morning he woken up that he notice that the letter was at his jacket, which the letter is writing by Agent A. that it told Conker is meet him at midnight at the bar until then Birdy is glad to see him again but he needed his help that the Tediz is stole his Mepsipax which Conker is confused that the Tediz is died at the war so Conker is agreed to find the Mepsipax back.

While he found the Tediz at the cornered rock with the Mepsipax but then at the shadows there was Honker the Skunk, that he was never seen him from a long time so he was been working with someone without from information so Honker is ran away leaving Conker fighting the Tediz then Conker if bought back the Mepsipax to Birdy then he gift the Key to Conker of the door leading him back to the Windmill which that the Windmill is been conduction after when Rodent crashed it at the war.

Later Conker is arrive at the bar in midnight waiting for Agent A. then he arrived that he revealed of his name Anton so he take Conker in the special hideout of the bar that he needed an help where it shown the footage that Professor von Kripplespac is survived from the space after when Conker switch the door while fighting Heinrich, Conker is been shocked that the professor is alive so Conker can use the help of Anton until that their have to fight of The 7 Deadly Henchs which the profiles of them is classified.

The first henchmen where it was been founded on Mount Poo, but unlike the mountain where Conker enters this is far more bigger which Conker is known who is lived there, when their get there which there are many puzzles to get pass then later their were get to the first member is the Great Mighty Poo that he was start on a battle in oprea song then Conker and Anton is flushed the singing poo out then their have find a clue of the photo of the Professor plan's where it can find the hideout but some of other pages are been ripped around the 7 Deadly Henchs but then Honker the Skunk is saw the heroes is got the clue and ran.

Later, an minion is telling the Professor von Kripplespac that there's nothing worry about but he command minion to an trapdoor leading helpless minion been eaten by metal sharks, then Honker tells him important news that Conker and Anton is got the clue of his hideout so the professor is make sure that the next henchmen can stop them, after when Honker leaves the professor is been slightly angered that he known of what happen on his past of Anton (in the uncut version it shown the flashback where he is normal in the Tediz War until Anton is arrived) and Conker is beat him for the first time.

The second henchmen was Dirty Dan an dangerous fox outlaw that he murdered 6 people with a bullet where the bodies are been founded on the Westen by Westen Desert. After when get pass from puzzles Honker is arrived with an bag that carry a person so thier have to chase him, but he got away when been blocked by Dirty Dan where he start shooting at Conker and Anton so their were hide in the building which it got puzzle where Conker is get dress in western costume with gun and one bullet which it's the way to get pass from Dan, later that Dan is notice of Conker with his western costume where that both of them are start by draw then Conker got it fast and shot Dan at heart (the uncut version is the head) then the sheriff of the town is say thanks by save the town and gift the money to Conker and Anton, then Conker is got the clue off from Dan's jacket.

Conker is never known that Honker is carry the bag where the size of someone that he never seen from before, until when Rodent is finally founded Conker that he was worry that it happend on the warfield where it was been attacked by killer robots so Conker and Anton can help with Rodent. The leader who is the one of the war is Haybot 1000 which Anton known that HB 1000 is the other henchmen of this so their have to take cover from the bullets, while their get to the headquarters until been blocked by Honker the Skunk that he was fighting Conker after the battle Honker is ran away. So then Conker and the others that their almost got to the hallway where Haybot 1000 appears and began of the battle in the lava after when HB 1000 falls and melted from the lava then the clue is found where it shown the photo of the shoes which Conker is never seen this from before.

So Rodent say goodbye and he will meet again at the castle, the next henchmen was Woodchopper the bear that he can chop trees easy and destory someone home's so Conker and Anton won't let that happen to those poor people. So Conker and Anton is enter the forest that their have possibly found an foot tracks of Woodchopper, meanwhile Honker is talking to someone in the shadow until he saw Conker and Anton so he make a hide without getting spotted, when their got to Woodchopper until he chopped the tree at Anton causes to landed him on the conveyor belt cannot get out so Conker must get to Anton before he was get sliced to death then Conker got to the context sensitive pad where he got Anton land safety so their have to get Woodchopper before he escapes. When their finally cornered Woodchopper so their were on the big battle on the conveyor belt later when Woodchopper is defeated that he fell off the conveyor belt leading to his death at the buzzsaw and Anton is got the new clue.

Later when their get back to the hideout Anton have to tell Conker that he was abandoned his family from the fire accident where he was alone until that he meet the soldier name Carl that he can help him from the war where it can notice of his family, but until he was been trapped by the Professor von Kripplespac that he wanted Anton to be killed but then Carl is saving him while been killed by grenade which it loses the Professor's legs and his arm, even Anton lose his hand after the explosion then he was been unconscious meanwhile he meet an agent who can help him out. So Conker is feel sorry for him of the early event.

The next henchmen was the female commander is Annette the Porcupine, she loves to make the male attract to her but then she was been hidden that she killed all males where she was been hidden at the Downtown from the side of the city, meanwhile that it have many buildings on the city until the army of Tediz with Honker and his partner Don Weaso then Conker is been shocked that the day he remembered was that Don is shot at Berri so the Tediz is began to attack at the heroes while Honker and Don watching them. After the fight Honker and Don ran away and get to Annette about that Anton and Conker is coming so Annette will be ready to fight at Conker. TBA

The plot is been under conduction.


Under conduction.


Under conduction.


  • Conker the Squirrel, he was the main protagonist and a playable character in the story where he was become as the king but he lose his only girlfriend Berri that she was been shot by Don Weaso.
  • Agent Anton, the secondary protagonist in the story that he was the agent and dark red squirrel.
  • Berri, a boyfriend of Conker where she called him Honey.
  • Birdy, a drunk, sarcastic, hay scarecrow who acts as the tutor and a friend to Conker.
  • Rodent, a good friend of Conker the Squirrel and then he become as the general when Conker is the king.
  • Professor von Kripplespac, the main antagonist where he was the professor of the Panther King.
  • Honker the Skunk, he was portray as the secondary antagonist.
  • Don Weaso, a weasel and high-ranking mob-boss until he was working with the Panther King and the one who shot Berri, later he was the seventh member of the Professor and protray as third antagonist.
  • The Great Mighty Poo, a giant opera singing creature made of fecal matter until he was been flushed by Conker, then he was return as an opera and start to battle aganist Conker and his a henchmen of Professor.
  • Dirty Dan, an fox where he was the deadly outlaw that he killed 6 peoples and a henchmen of Professor.
  • Haybot 1000, the commander of the Haybot Wars until one of his henchmen is been destroyed by Conker from before, and he was the henchmen of Professor.
  • Woodchopper, an bear who loves to chopped tree's down and his one of the henchmen.
  • Annette, the Porcupine where she can make attract to any males until is murdered them.
  • TBA


  • Christopher Seavor as Conker the Squirrel, Professor von Kripplespac, Birdy, The Great Mighty Poo, Rodent and Don Weaso.
  • TBA as Berri, Annette.
  • TBA as Agent Anton, Honker the Skunk.
  • TBA as Dirty Dan, Haybot 1000, Woodchopper.


The bosses are about 10 of them and included recurring the bosses from the Conker's Bad Fur Day.

  • The Great Mighty Poo
  • Dirty Dan
  • Haybot 1000
  • Woodchopper
  • Annette
  • Don Weaso
  • Honker the Skunk
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

More characters are been under conduction.


Under conduction.

Uncut version

The uncut version is been confirmed by Colin Entertainment Ltd. where it featured deleted or unedited scenes, new difficulty level and when the player is beat the game in Hard or Extreme will show the special ending cut-scene.

Under conduction.


Opening or Closing Credits


Conker's Bigger Badder Fur Day is rated for Animated violence, sexual references, gross out humor and some coarse language in the edited version. The uncut version is rated for Medium level animated violence, sexual references, gross out humor and medium coarse language.


Buttons Commands
Left analog stick (Wii U and Xbox One)
Arrow keys (PC)
Moving Conker
A (Wii U and Xbox One)
Z (PC)
Jump, Pressing twice does Double jump, holding does the helicopter
B (Wii U and Xbox One)
X (PC)
Attack with Frying pan, shotting with guns, start the Context-Sensitive Pad
Y (Wii U and Xbox One)
C (PC)
X (Wii U and Xbox One)
V (PC)
Equipped or changed weapons
Right analog stick (only in Wii U and Xbox One)
Automatic moves (PC)
Move the camera
R and L (Wii U)
RB and LB (Xbox One)
A (PC)
Skip cut-scenes
ZR and ZL (Wii U)
RT and LT (Xbox One)
S (PC)
Duck, while ducking and pressing jumping will make high jump



  • The title is been changed in other nationality like Conker's Bad Fur Day 2 in Europe and Australia, and Conker's Next Bad Fur Day in Japan.
  • Profanity are been used in the game, which the edited version is censored like f*** later the uncut version it can add this word.
  • There would be an demo of Twelve Tales: Conker 64 where it would be released full verison in the Xbox Games Store and Virtual Console, plus it added all the Rare games on the Nintendo 64 are appeared on the Virtual Console.
  • TBA


  • Matrix series - Agent Anton.
  • Team America: World Police Movie - Where the professor is make his minion to the trapdoor.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Dirty Dan's battle.
  • TBA

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