Conker's back! After 12 years being king of all the land Conker flips and decides to leave. He is pulled into an alley by a Mysterious Egg Man. This is Ditzy Dumpty. He tells conker about B button switches. It gives him a beer and then they decide to go on an adventure. One player can be Conker and the other Ditzy Dumpty. Gregg appears when you go to the Gravy Yard. A place forbidden because the grave of eaten foods. Gregg talks about Biscuit Cats that took his Scythe, if you get them back he gives you a shotgun.
Conkers bad fur day 2 hangover


==Playable Characters TBA


C1: Windy City C2: Navy Blues C3: Count Conkula C4: Aggressive B-stard Bats C5: Space C6: TBA C7: The Movie C8: The End


The Star, CONKER! [Art from SSB4]

It will feature an amiibo Conker that can be used on Smash Bros too!

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