Do you value yourself?
The game's tagline

Confinement is a first-person adventure game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the PC, Wii U, Hybrid Fusion and NextGen Bluevolt. It is inspired by Portal and System Shock 2.


The game takes place in the Rootverse, roughly 100 years after Uchronie, in a space station orbiting Earth. The main character, J.D., is awoken from cryostasis, where he is greeted by Jane, who communicates with him by intercom.

Jane leads J.D. to a room where an experimental cloning device is stored. She instructs him on it's usage, but after J.D. is accustomed and has created a clone she instructs him to kill it. Reluctantly, J.D. takes control of his clone and throws it out the airlock, returning control to his original self.


The game, despite being first person, is not a shooter and lacks any weapons, instead involving Portal-like puzzle solving. J.D. is equipped with a device that, when it's secondary fire is activated, will create a clone of himself at the location the device is aimed at. Control can be switched between any clones by aiming the device at them and using the primary fire. The number of clones that can exist at once is limited to five, but to get rid of previous clones they must kill themselves through the environment.

Enemies are present in the game, but the player is incapable of harming them, and must either avoid them completely or defeat them by utilising the environment.