Confidential: Destructan's Descend is a new RPG game and the first one in the Omegaverse: Confidential saga. It was created by Omegaverse Corp. It was one of there favorite games to make. It had some of the best graphics for a Nintendo RPG game ever, but they were even better on the PS3.

Confidential: Destructan's Descend
Developer(s) Omegaverse Corp.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii, Nintendo DS, PS3
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Wii Disc, DS Game Card, PS3 Disc


It is an RPG game, and a normal RPG, not a live-action. You choose to play as Roxas or Intarra in the game. It has very great graphics for a DS/Wii game but had better graphics on the PS3. In the game, you can go around the different areas using the Falcon Airship and then landing so you can explore. Falcon Airship stages are like Gummi Ship stages from the Kingdom Hearts series. The game has no online play.


Notice that in the story, if you chose to play as Roxas, you will only see what Roxas is doing and if you chose Intarra you only see what she's doing

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Roxas Jax was a nice little boy, if he was nice to you. Except he probably wouldn't talk to you. He'd rather be working..... making something........ drawing......... not living in the city of Pangea, which is exactly 220 miles to the northwest of the peaceful island of Min. Roxas thought and thought. Everything giant was happening, big robberies, murders, and lots of excitement, but that wasn't what he wanted. He walked downstairs and Mrs. Jax made him breakfast. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door and Mrs. Jax went to go open it. Three Mud Elementals oozed in the door. "Great, monsters." said Mrs. Jax. "Well, no better time then now to teach you how to fight, since these guys are so weak...." Then Roxas went to battle them. His mom showed him how to battle. After the battle, Roxas was tired out. "Don't worry, Roxas. Will you go to the store and pick up some flour?" she said. Roxas went to the store and bought the flour. While he was walking back home, a whole bunch of skeleton warriors surrounded him..... Meanwhile on Mim, an adventurous girl named Intarra ran out of her house. "Bye, Mom!" she said. "I'm going to the ruins!" She went to the ruins where she found a giant stone switch. She stepped on it and a door opened. She went through it and saw a yellow, shining box. She opened it and a voice rang through her mind. "Hey! I'm Box the Fox!" "You don't look like a fox. In fact, I can't see you!" "I'm a fox's SPIRIT!" "OH!" "But be careful, because look!" Intarra turned her head and saw three mud elementals. She battled them and won. Then she got chased to a whole bunch of skeleton warriors back home. When she was about to enter the door to her house, she tripped and fell down.

Chapter 2: Destructan Attacks

Roxas was knocked out by the skeleton warriors and placed in a holding chamber. A large blue shape loomed over him, but wasn't looking at him. Roxas slowly crawled around the holding chamber for a while. Later, a skeleton warrior with a large helmet came up to him and gave him some food. He then walked away, forgetting to lock the door. Roxas waited until he was gone and sneaked into the hall. Voices came from down the corridor and Roxas ducked into a door. Inside was the way into the field. He exited the building and went across a field fighting monsters and solving puzzles. He found himself inside a secret training center, where someone named Hee Roe trained him. Roxas put on armor and prepared to leave. Meanwhile, Intarra woke up in the rafters of a building. A man named Hee Roe was standing next to her. Suddenly, a trap door opened and a bunch of monsters jumped out. Intarra avoided them and headed downstairs. She fought monsters and solved puzzles. Later she returned to Hee Roe, who trained her. She put on armor and prepared to leave.

Chapter 3: Knight in the Night

Chapter 4: The Great Falcon

Chapter 5: Meeting Your Enemy

Chapter 6: To Destructan's Castle!

Chapter 7: Talus Appears

Chapter 8: Destructan's Castle

Chapter 9: End Boss

Chapter 10: Endng



You can play as these characters in the game.

  • Roxas
  • Intarra

Supporting Characters




Reception and Sequels

The game got very good reviews, mostly because of the all-new characters and the unique design of Destructan. It spouted many sequels, which can be found here.