The Ice Climbers, riding on Condor.

Condor is a enemy of the Ice Climbers and the main atagonist of Ice Climber.


Condor is an orange bird with a white underbelly and plain white eyes, it has two yellow feet.

Ice Climber DS

Condor is the main villian of Ice Climber DS. His larger role in the story is unclear.

New Ice Climber

Condor is the second-to last boss in New Ice Climber. Also, a new variation called Mecha Condor, appeared as the last boss with Papa the rebellious ice-climber.

Balloon Bomber

Condor is a major villain in Balloon Bomber. In the game, he teams up with the G.A.P. Wizard to defeat Balloon Fighter and the Ice Climbers.

Ice Climber 2

In Ice Climber 2 (developed by TheRealGame.Inc) Condor is the main antagonist and has 5 other coloured and smaller variants that you fight through the game.


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