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Developer(s) MingoLogo
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) PS4
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Series Compliverse
Media Included Blu-Ray

This game is owned by Flamingo. Ask permission before editing the page, thanks! Compliverse is a game exclusive to the PS4, which is about Compliens, creatures with amazing abilities that come in all different shapes and sizes.




This game features a free-roam world, in where you are guided by a minimap. Enemies also roam around the world, who initiate battles through contact in the overworld. Battles can either be turn-based or real-time, depending on the kind of enemy you are facing. Compliens normally have turn-based battles because they are more chivalrous that the ever-so antagonistic Mogurians and Humanoids, who start real-time battles. Notable exceptions include Time Compliens that fight in real-time due to the nature of their element. Up to 3 creatures can battle on the field at a time, with one member on reserve.


Growth is a process Compliens go through in order to become stronger and/or more developed, normally triggered when a Complien reaches a certain level. There are different types of Growth, the normal kind just called Growth.


This is when a Complien grows exponentially in power through amplification of Complixonox, allowing them to take on a much more powerful form. Burgeons cannot be achieved through levelling, and instead would require special means such as the use of items.


Fusion is the process of (usually) two or more compliens' minds, spirits, and bodies combining into one. Fusion is a very loose term, and the results can vary greatly in nature.

Basic fusion involves two or more Compliens fusing temporarily. Usually, basic fusion lasts for a rather short amount of time. Collusia compliens have used fusion as a method of gaining power, as well as a sign of affection for each other. Basic fusions either seperate at will or because of a disagreement between the compenents of the fusion.

Some fusions are permanent, and are a completely new Complien with their own mind, rather than an amalgam of the components' minds. This phenomenon is called evolution via fusion. Newly evolved compliens created through fusion are inseperable.


This is what happens when a Growth isn't executed properly, and can happen to any Complien. Instead of a more powerful version of past form, the Complien becomes weaker and more fragile. A Misgrowth can happen for a number of reasons, such as a very bad mood or forced Growth.


Corruption is the result of "Evil" taking hold of a Complien, turning it from its usual, basic form, into a corrupted version. A corrupted Complien has no purity left in their mind, and usually goes to do "Evil"'s bidding. It is rumored that Corruptions can be healed, sending the Complien back to its original form. Corruption typically makes Compliens more powerful, and trying to cure one will remove the power the Corruption once gave them.


An extremely rare form of evolution only witnessed a few hundred years. A Complien that undergoes Legendution has the same power and complixonox levels of a demigod. While under the influence of Legendution, Compliens become personoid and gain powerful elemental armor and weapons. However, Legendution is very stressful on the Complien, and once they run out of energy for sustaining the transformation, the Complien will completely revert to its pre-Divinifaction form. An even rarer case, Compliens can Divinicate permanently, usually through bestowal from an existing god/demigod.


You can gain Complien teammates my Befriending them, and rarely, Humanoids and Mogurians. This can happen for different reasons depending on the creature, which are listed below:

  • Besting them in battle
  • Giving them their favourite food, or certain items
  • Using certain items
  • Certain dialogue choices mid-battle


Spells are bursts of magic creatures can cast, which can vary in effect and range. Most of the spells have no limit as to how many times they can be cast.

Name Range Corporeality Description Notes
Example Spell Describes the range of the spell; the area in which the spell takes effect Describes whether the spell is predominantly preformed physically or not. Provides insight on the spell's function. Notable things about the move.


Instincts are special abilities of a creature that can trigger depending on the Instinct.


Elements are a mysterious attribute that every creature, spell, instinct and items possesses, that reflects the nature of the element's owner. Scientists have been studying elements for quite some time, and there appears to be a system of interactions in where elements are weaker and stronger than other elements, which are listed in this page. It's possible for something to have 2 or 3 elements.

Element Description
Dream. Associated with dreams, imagination, sleep, the dreamscape and your inner psyche.
Esper. Associated with mindpower, your brain, concentration and psychic capability.
Magic. Associated with tricks, illusions and extraordinary powers.
Brawl. Associated with physicality, bravery and fighting spirit.
Leech. Associated with predatorial habits, parasitism and absorption.
Fire. Associated with heat, high temperatures, fire and magma.
Light. Associated with both metaphorical (goodness, purity, kindness) and literal light (brightness, saturation, good sight).
Volt. Associated with electricity.
Sound. Associated with hearing, soundwaves and vibrations.
Nuclear. Associated with radiation, atoms, quarks, and things found at the molecular level.
Insect. Associated with anything resembling or of the class Insecta.
Nature. Associated with plants, mushrooms and other organic matter.
Life. Associated with health, life force, and the structures of life.
Frost. Associated with cold temperatures and ice.
Water. Associated with most liquids.
Art. Associated with creativity and the arts, such as drawings, music, stories, etc.
Cyber. Associated with technology, whether tangible like hardware, or intangible like software, data, cyberspace, internet and information.
Cosmic. Associated with space, heavenly bodies, astronomy, constellations and the universe.
Spectral. Associated with spirits and paranormal activity.
Toxic. Associated with impurities, harmful substances and toxcity.
Air. Associated with wind and other gases.
Crystal. Associated with gemstones, crystalline materials, and glass.
Void. Associated with the aether, nothingness, antimatter and abscence.
Metal. Associated with alloys and metallic materials.
Energy. Associated with different forms of energy.
Mystery. Associated with the unknown, myths, surprise, questions and the unexpected.
Plain. Associated with generality and plainness.
Food. Associated with nutrition, and edible material.
Earth. Associated with earth, rocks, mud, and minerals.
Dark. Associated with both metaphorical (maliciousness, negativity) and literal darkness (inability to see, tenebrosity).
Time. Associated with timelines, chronology, continuity and the passage of time.
Horror. Associated with fear, terror, phobias, and cowardice in the face of danger.
Demon. Created by "Evil", every corrupted Complien has this type.
All. A combination of every type, associated with entirety, completeness, the whole spectrum, only given to a few Legend Compliens.

In-Game Compliens

Class 1

Complien Name • Element

Rarity • Sapience • Instinct



Queez • CompliPlain

Common • Animalistic • --- 

Queezes are extremely common Compliens, who make up about 40% of the Complien population. They vary in colour, shapes and sizes. Grows into Redden.

Redden • CompliPlainCompliEnergy

Common • Animalistic • ---

Not as common as Queezes, they also vary in size and shape, but they are always red, much to scientists' puzzlement.

Icekimo • CompliFrost

Common • Animalistic • ---

Bearing resemblance to eskimos, Icekimos are gentle and very common Compliens that prefer the cold, often seen meandering across the snow. Grows into ???


Plani • CompliPlain

Common • Animalistic • Neutraliser

They very basic Complien, they are said to be one of the very first to come into existence due to their genetic plainness. They are capable of growing into any of  the 34 Compliens that correspond to each element.


Fier • CompliFire

Uncommon • Animalistic • Ignition

A Complien made of pure fire and molten rock, they hang around volcanoes bathing in magma. If they lose too much heat, they harden up and become an Earht.


Watre • CompliWater

Uncommon • Animalistic • ---

A puddle of a Complien that can be found in any body of water, if it can be found at all. Because they are entirely made of water, it is hard to distinguish Watres from real water.

In-Game Enemies



Main Antagonists


Mogurians are an alien species whose goal is to capture Compliens to use for their own purposes. They are one of the two main enemies you encounter in the game.


A typical Humanoid enemy.


Humanoids were former humans that have been inflicted with a disease that affects their biological structure. To combat this, they need Humanoxonox to sustain their human form, but once resources ran out, they found out about Compliens and their Complixonox, which is a great substitute for Humanoxonox. They plan to capture tons of Compliens, enough to sustain their needs. There is a subspecies of Humanoids called Compelions, in where they are infused with Complixonox, allowing them to cast a differing amount of spells than a normal grunt.


"Evil" is the "brother" of "Good" and is the symbol of all that is evil and lives from the negative emotions of every creature in the multiverse. He is as old as the beginning of the multiverse and is the creator of all evil creatures. "Evil" stands as one of the greatest threats to the multiverse, and serves as the main antagonist of the Compliverse series.




Control(s) Function
PS4 Dpad PS4 Left Stick

Move Around (Overworld)

Move Between Buttons (Battle)

PS4 Right Stick

Move Camera (Overworld)

PS4 Triangle

Menu (Overworld)

PS4 Square

Toggle Minimap (Overworld)

Show Info (Battle)

PS4 Cross Select
PS4 Circle Cancel
PS4 L1PS4 R1 Change Screens (Battle)
PS4 L2 Defend (Battle)
PS4 R2

Toggle Run (Overworld)

Run Away (Battle)


  • This game was the idea of another user, who supervises and decides most of what goes in the game.

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