Competition: Rhythm is a Rhythm game for the Nintendo Wii being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). It is about 4 musical sensations as they fight to get the most fans. It uses the Mic from Rock Band, the Wii Balance Board, and the Wii Remote & Nunchuk. It is rated M for lyrics.




There are 4 different musical sensations in the town of Popville. You choose one of these 4 and try to get more fans than all the other sensations. Each of them have unique ways of getting more fans when on stage. Some have disadvantages as well.


Party Animal

A singer who sings many positive songs not about love. He is played using the Mic for singing, and the Wii Balance Board for dancing. He does not have any advantages or disadvantages. His trademark is his colorful T-Shirt.

Lover Boy

A singer who sings love songs. He is played with just Mic for singing. His advantage is that he attracts more female fans, but less male fans. He also has the best voice of the 4. His trademark are his wide sunglasses.

The Beholder

A singer that sings powerful songs and has dazzling special effects on his side. He is played with the Mic for singing and the Wii Remote and Nunchuk for activating the special effects. He cannot sing as well as the other sensations, so some fans that focus on the voice don't like him as much, but his special effects make up for that, attracting fans that focus on the special effects. His trademark is the torn cloak he wears over his shoulders.

Big Red

An obese rapper that sings rap songs, both positive and negative. He just uses the Mic for singing. He must be unlocked, for it is very hard to sing his songs. His skill of singing quite fast is liked by many people, but some fans that focus on the music more than the voice do not like him. His trademark is his big, red sweater.


Party Animal

  • DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love - Usher
  • Yeah 3x - Chris Brown
  • Bright Lights, Bigger City - Cee Lo Green

Lover Boy

  • Grenade - Bruno Mars
  • Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz
  • Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

The Beholder

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
  • Shiver - Shawn Desman
  • Higher - Taio Cruz

Big Red

  • Time To Win - Down With Webster
  • That's What I Said - MC Hammer
  • We Are Fighters - Big Lou

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