Compact Disc Nintendo (CDN)

The Compact Disc Nintendo (also known as the CDN) is an innovation off of the 3DS.  It has no special games for it (that means there are no games the CDN can play that the 3DS can't.  The main differences are the ability to listen to music or movie CDs, play GameBoy games, call friends who have a CDN as if it were a telephone, and the ability to go Super 3D.  That is when the 3D is stronger than the 3DS's 3D and you need to use 3D glasses.  It comes with a big stylus and 3D glasses.


       The CDN may be an innovation off of the 3ds, but it much bigger.  It is almost as big as a laptop, making it not portable, but it could fit in a backpack.  It does have two screens like the 3DS, and the buttons are bigger but in the same place except the 2D, 3D, and super 3D are buttons instead of switches in the top right corner.  There are two small slots in the back, ( one is for 3DS games, and one is for DS games) and there is a large one in the front.  (This is for GameBoy games)  There are also two CD holders that you can eject, put a CD in, and push it back in.  (the left is for DVDs, the right is for music CDs)


The average cost for a CDN is around 215 dollars.  However, you can buy it with certain games, which will increase the cost of it.  It is possible to get just the CDN, though.

Games it can Come With

.  Super Mario 3D Land

.  Kirby Super Star Ultra

. Pokemon X and Y

. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity

. Mario Party DS

. Mario Kart 7

. Super Smash Bros. 4

. Paper Mario Sticker Star

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