Commander Redd
Commander Redd.
Full Name Commander Redd (Nina-Rose Lacerda)
Current Age 20 (The Temple of Dreams)
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Antagonist
Main Weapon(s) Hammer
First Appearance The Temple of Dreams
Latest Appearance The Temple of Paradise
Commander Redd (birth name: Nina-Rose Lacerda) debuted and stars as the main antagonist in The Temple of Dreams series. She also served as the company mascot of Illusion Works in May of 2015, which is strange as she serves majorly as an antagonist in the titles she's featured in. She is a new human, but it is not specified as to what realm she is from.

She has red hair and wears a completely red sailor-esque uniform, as it is the same colour as the clan she leads and asserts her authority. She always carries around her red hammer so she can smash and squish her foes with little to no effort. Since her debut, she has appeared in several other games such as Radioactive, Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered and Fantendo Smash Bros. Scarlet Skies.

She has been rebooted into the Ziama Prime timeline as of The Temple of Paradise.


Commander Redd has had a rough childhood. She came from a family that didn't really care about her enough like other families, which she often compared to her own parents. Her parents kicked her out of their house when she was eleven, which gave her even more inspiration to follow her dream of becoming a cadet. She joined a military school with fake signatures from her parents symbolising that they approve of her enrolment in the school. 

Just months into the cadet program at the military school, the school staff find out that the signatures were forged, and they took immediate action against her. She was kicked out of the military school to the enjoyment of Violet. Determined to remain at the school, Redd enrolled once again this time with real signatures from her parents and went under a different name, "Redd". 

Redd became rivals with one of her former friends called Violet. The two competed for the place of commander in the division when they were older, and often tried to trip each other up metaphorically when it would improve their own look. In the end, they both graduated from the Military School and both enrolled to be in the Naval Reserve.

Moving onto the Navy, both of the girls received word of the Commander position of the division. They once again, competed for the placement and took part in several tests of endurance and leadership. In the end, Redd was chosen for the position, and Commander Redd was born. 

However this was short lived as Redd left the position after months of mistreatment from her General, General Cobalt. She left the division and started the "Redd Clan". General Cobalt proceeded to copy her plan with his rival clan, "Azel Clan". The two then become sworn enemies on the brink of a civil war breaking out.


Commander Redd is portrayed in The Temple of Dreams as an emotionally strong commander of her entire clan. With being under the title of commander, Redd is very intellectual and can quickly create different plans and strategies which adapt based on the enemy she is about to face. She can use her genius traits when having to solve different puzzles and tricks that people lay in her path, which often proves successful when Aloe put an obstacle in her path which she solved with ease. Until Esme leaves a trap in her path that she didn't predict.

She is also a very good leader and can adapt her plans to suit the physique of the troops she is guiding.

She discovers a treasure while exploring Fortune Falls after she overheard from a discussion from Aloe that a hidden gem lies within the depths of Fortune Falls. The treasure turns out to be a jewel which can be used to track the location of anyone on the planet with. She decides to claim the treasure and uses it to keep track of the heroes as they all take their individual journeys.

Near the end of the first instalment, Redd becomes a crazed and power hungry individual who sets her sites on finding out how to unlock The Temple of Dreams. She locates the jewel used to unlock the door to the Temple and successfully unlocks the door after an arduous travel, she enters the Temple and is never seen again...

In the second game, she returns from the Temple with enhanced abilities than previously. She is now more agile and can move more quickly, she can also run against walls when she needs to escape from a place easily. Her hammer was also somewhat upgraded, it now has black spikes surrounding the outer ring, there are also spikes on the hammer itself to pierce the flesh of those who happen to be on the receiving end.


So far, Commander Redd is only featured as a fully fledged playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Scarlet Skies. However in Radioactive she is an unplayable boss, therefore contains a move set which is unknown to the player. Her play style includes using her signature red hammer to squish the enemies in her path, which damages the playable a considerable amount. It also can give off sonic waves which travel on the ground, which can stun enemies allowing Redd to strike again in the meantime.

In the second game, Redd receives multiple improvements. Her hammer now has spikes which can pierce the flesh of enemies. She can run against walls, defying gravity, making her character more agile and nimble when faced with dangerous situations. With the use of a cloaking device, she can also become invisible to the naked eye of other human beings. Beings of other planets may or may not be able to see her.

In her story arcs she has a lot of individual powers and abilities which don't transfer into game play as they are usually items which grant her these powers and skills. She uses the Jewel which she finds in The Temple of Dreams to watch how and where the heroes move and track their patterns so she can finally conquer them, which later becomes one of her weapons in her future move sets.


Below are a chronological list of Commander Redd's appearances.

The Temple of Paradise

Dimensional Destruction




Redd and General Cobalt are also rivals. When Redd first joined the commander position, Cobalt was one of the first people she met. He treated her like a slave and took her for granted because he felt like she joined the role of commander too swiftly. After weeks of this treatment, Redd finally snapped. She left the Commander role and decided to form her own army, which proved successful. She then decided to give herself the title of "Commander Redd", and call her army the "Redd Clan".

Several months later, General Cobalt was fired from his General position in the same division. After noticing the success of Redd when she left the reserve, Cobalt decided to do the same thing with his own division, and decided to call them the "Azel Clan". It was only fate that these two clans would become major rivals after word got out about Cobalt's plans.

Redd found out about the Azel Clan and decided to check out their headquarters. Upon visiting, she noticed they had a lot more technological devices at their disposal, and could potentially be more powerful then her clan. She decided to start investing in her clan full-time, devoting all spare funds and time to getting the clan into shape to try and maintain the members. The Azel Clan did manage to conform some of the old Redd Clan members, which made the sides almost equal in army size.


Redd and Aloe do not get along. She used him initially to find out more information on the Blue Clan, but other than that the two haven't interacted as much. Redd found out that the treasure was located at Fortune Falls, and while Aloe was there, the two never interacted.

Redd meets Aloe once again at The Temple of Dreams, when she is placing the jewel into the sacred door to unlock the Temple for herself. Aloe tries to convince Redd to go against what is about to happen, but with her mind already set on passing through the door, she enters the jewel into it's engrave on the door. Once Princess Violet's corrupted self appears through the door, Redd dodges the demon's attacks. The demon then proceeds to attack Aloe and the rest of the heroes, which gives her enough time to slip through the door. 


Redd absolutely despises Esme, to the point where she would kill her if she had the chance. Esme stole the jewel from Redd the one moment where she let her guard down, and Redd did not take kindly to it. Redd stole the jewel back near the end after trapping Esme in her own type of trap, a pitfall trap.


Redd and Princess Violet are sworn enemies on both sides. They used to be childhood friends, but when they hit thirteen they become enemies when they found out they both wanted the commanding role in the army. After several years of rivalry and fighting to become a part of the commanding force, Redd won against Violet. 

In Smokescreen, it is shown that they both went to military school when reaching the age of eleven in further hopes of pursuing their dreams. During the two years before realising their rivalry, the two were pretty good friends. This friendship was ultimately ruined by the passion of their future occupations.



  • Commander Redd is the most used character ever created by Solarrion (tbc) to date.
  • Commander Redd is the only character in the Illusionverse to have an alias other than their original name.
  • Commander Redd was the first attempt at a Featured Article for the creator.

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