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Commander Lazaris
Full Name Commander Lazaris
Current Age 31
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Nihlic Horde commander
The Aeternum Mali
Main Weapon(s) Glaive
Ability/ies Advanced combat
Skilled w/ glaive
Leadership skills
Vulnerable To Light
Voice Actor(s)
Jim Cummings
First Appearance Light In The Darkness II

The ruthless commander of the Nihlic Hordes, Commander Lazaris is a major antagonist that debuts in the second installation of the Light In The Darkness series.

Physical Description

An imposing figure who seems to radiate an air of cold arrogance, Lazarus is an Imp who stands close to five feet tall, bearing the large, trademark ears of his species; his left ear is somewhat tattered, an he has a few earrings on both of them. His draconic wings are larger than those of other Imps, and he is capable of true flight, instead of simple gliding. His hair is shoulder-length and somewhat wild, and he has a long, thin tail ending in a tuft of longer fur.

His fur is almost completely black in color, with a taupe gray chest, wing membranes and eye-markings. Both his hair and the tuft at the end of his tail are purple taupe in color, and his eyes are gamboge in color.



A seasoned warrior and commander, Lazarus primarily fights with a glaive, which is a single-edged blade at the end of a long pole. He has a swift and brutal fighting style that aims to overwhelm his opponents through raw speed and power alone.

He is also capable of Spectramancy, able to manifest pure darkness into shards that he can launch at his opponents, or coat the edge of his glaive with concentrated darkness. He can also launch spheres of concentrated darkness.

Friends and Foes





  • Rinddel -
  • Alces Dawnpeak - He sought to conquer the Tribe of the Morning Sun so that the Aeternum Mali could make use of the valuable Verdant Crystals that grew only in the Vitreus Glade.


Cold and manipulative, Lazaris nonetheless portrays himself as a gentleman. He uses his silver tongue and cunning ways to get what he wants, and has no qualms about stepping on his own allies in order to achieve his goals. He has a somewhat twisted sense of humor, and bears sadistic tendencies, as well.

Lazaris is not one to lose his temper easily, but when he does, he is nigh inconsolable, and will seek to destroy everything in his path.



Biggest Fears