Commander Koopa is a Commander and Boss in Super Mario Black Ops


Commander Koopa is the Senior Commander of the entire Koopa Army raging war on the Mushroom Kingdom, and is at highest say next to Lord Bowser himself.

C. Koopas' intellegent, tactical Camoflauge Koopa Troopa who's responsible for seeing how the Army moves and where they go, He is also the Creator of many different weapons since the War started, such as the Bullet Bill Cannon (Bazzoka), and Flame and Ice Ball Tri- Pistol Loaders. He was born in Darkland to parents who he was seperated from like most Koopas to be sent to the Army to grow up training under high security. C. Koopa (Then named Daniel Koopa) was learning very fast and became Leader at the age of 18, and General at 25, Admiral at 31,Commander at 38, and Senior Commander at 42, he is 48 now.

He is cocky and will kill at any rate. His Prominent Weapons are:

  • Bonzain Bill Blaster -Shoot Multiple Bonzai Bills straight at detected Target
  • Fire Ball Pistol -Shoots Fire Balls like Mario. Needs Flame Packs for Ammo.
  • Shelled Koopa Dagger -Knife (Dagger) made of finely cut Red Koopa Shell.


Commander Koopa is featured in one of Marios' Last Missions, Assassination of C. Koopa. He is also involved a mission where you must steal some plans from his coraprate office, Stealing the Evidence.

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