I don't let you any futher. With my Koopa Driver and army, I will soon rule your stupid city.
Commander Koopa

Commander Koopa is main antagonist in Dashed Koopa Series. He is commander of Koopa Army, and enemy of Dashed Koopa.

Commander Koopa
Commander Koopa
Full Name Commander Koopa
Current Age 23
Gender Male
Location Very Top Secret Place
Class Main Villain, Commander
Main Weapon(s) Whistle, His army
Ability/ies Whistling, Commanding army, Quick kicking
Corsel Flesh
Latest Appearance Dashed Koopa's Great Adventure



He carries (wears) a brown tank, with black gloves and black shoes his (its body colour is very bright


Luigi and Cure Search

He appears as World 4 Fortress boss.

Dashed Koopa's Great Adventure

He is main villain in Dashed Koopa's and Shroobster's story.He is final boss and kidnapper of citizen from Wasresh City.

Fantendo Tennis Superstars

He is one of unlockable characters.


Yukimazan's Adventures

So far, he has not made any appearance in this fan-fic, but he is confirmed to appear.

Friends and Enemies





  • He is oldest character in series.
  • He originally had a alter-ego called Corsel Flesh.

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