The Cometech Flare was a system created by Nintendo. Cometech developed the hardware, software and is in charge of mass production for the unit.


On July 5, 2012, Ninendo announced their recent partnership with Cometech. It was done in a casual manner, and other than "We are very excited to work with them," nothing was said about the matter until E3 2013, where Nintendo announced their new system, the Cometech Flare. At the time, the Flare was a small tablet with to analog circle pads (one on the left, one on the right) a D-Pad, and four buttons. It was not on the show floor, and Nintendo only spent fifteen minutes talking about the Flare. Not much was heard about the Flare afterwards, and some speculated it to be cancelled. However, in a Nintendo Direct presentation centered around the Flare, Nintendo unveiled the new final model, which included magnetic "Snap Controls." They also revealed full hardware specifications for the device, which included custom hardware produced by Cometech.

Technical Info

The Cometech Flare was the first tablet of its kind, as it was a bit heavier than a normal tablet, featured a Cometech MiniDiscus drive, and could produce higher quality graphics than similar tablets.

The actual hardware specs are as follows:

Cometech Flare Techical Specifications
Processing Power Cometech Infinitum @ 2.4 GHZ
Graphical Power Cometech Level UP GFX w/ 512 MB

4 GB onboard RAM*

*Some games required more - see "Flare Expansion Pack"

Screen 7" or 9" HD Capable (720p) Touchscreen

Features and Operating System

The Flare was Nintendo's first handheld to have a more advanced operating system. On past handhelds like the 3DS, though many updates to the operating system were issued, they were usually for bug fixes, and were never very monumental.

The Flare's operating system was designed by Cometech's Creative Department, and is called Flare OS.

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