Similar to Nintendo Direct, Comet Direct is a regularly scheduled conference that showcases new information for Comet Gaming, Inc.

April 22, 2014

A new trailer was released for Super Mario Galaxy: War of the Cosmos that showcased some galaxies in the game, and also released information about the first five levels. Some gameplay details were shown, and Rosalina was revealed to be playable in the game, as well. A new power-up, Gear Mario, was shown in the trailer. Several returning power-ups were also shown, including Fire Mario, Ice Mario, Spring Mario, Cloud Mario, Drill Mario, Flying Mario, Boo Mario, Bee Mario, and Rainbow Mario. It concluded with the first demo from F7AS and a new demo, with the first two courses from the terrace, were released on the Nintendo eShop as well, although these were confirmed to be the only demos that will be open to the public.

May 8, 2014

Mario Kart Subterranean was unveiled. A three-minute long trailer was shown. This displayed gameplay on several new and retro courses, including the implementation of the new drilling feature.

May 15, 2014

Comet Gaming, Inc. abandoned some older projects, hoping to focus on newer projects. Mario Kart Subterranean was showcased again, with new characters and new courses.

June 2, 2014

Mario Kart Subterranean was shown again, as well as a new project, Super Mario Sunshine 2: Return to Delfino. The former had the Mushroom and Shell Cups unveiled, as well as a few characters, in a trailer.

Finished projects Finished project CG Mario Kart ULTIMATE

Finished project CG The Adventures of Flappy Bird

Active projects Active project CG Vigilance

Active project CG Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Combat
Active project CG Super Smash Bros. One

Hiatus projects Inactive project CG Nicktoons Havoc

Inactive project CG GearQuest
Inactive project CG The Koopa Games
Inactive project CG The Koopa Games II: Space Wars
Inactive project CG Mario's Epic Journey
Inactive project CG Mario Kart Comet
Inactive project CG Mario Kart 9 (Comet Gaming)
Inactive project CG Pokémon Mushroom and Koopa editions
Inactive project CG Starship Crew
Inactive project CG Lumoshi's Cookies
Inactive project CG Lumoshi's Cookies: War
Inactive project CG Super Mario Sunshine Comet
Inactive project CG Zodiac Saga
Inactive project CG Fantendo Smash Bros. Comet
Inactive project CG Pokémon Comet and Asteroid versions
Inactive project CG Voltaire's Adventures Through History
Inactive project CG Avatar: Voyage of the Frozen Fortress

Abandoned projects Abandoned project CG Mario's Minigame Land

Abandoned project CG Mario Sports Resort
Abandoned project CG New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE
Abandoned project CG Super Mario: Medieval Quest
Abandoned project CG Super Mario Sunshine 2: Return to Delfino
Abandoned project CG Super Mario: Panel Panic
Abandoned project CG Mario Kart Subterranean
Abandoned project CG Zuper Zario Zrothers Zxtreme
Abandoned project CG Mario and SpongeBob at the Olympic Winter Games
Abandoned project CG Super Harry Potter VS Mario X
Abandoned project CG Mario RPG: The Quest for Princess Peach
Abandoned project CG Mario Basketball ULTIMATE
Abandoned project CG Lumoshi Footwear Collection

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