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Comet Comments
Comet Comments is a reviewing TV show hosted by Comet Gaming, Inc. C.E.O Lumoshi (tbc).


The show accepts requests for article critiques and will assign grades to shows on the following categories.

  • Content: What the article actually has. Is it interesting? Is it a game I would want to play?
  • Graphics: Are there pictures? Do they look good? Are they used where appropriate?
  • Formatting: Are there things such as tables, templates, galleries, and other things? Do they look good?
  • Organization: Is the page organized well? Is it easy to find information through the table of contents?
  • Grammar: Are there grammar mistakes? Do they detract from comprehensibility of the page?


An average grade of... will provide a certain rank.

Points Rank
11/10 Jesus-Made
10/10 - 10.9/10 Beautiful
9/10 - 9.9/10 Fabulous
8/10 - 8.9/10 Good
7/10 - 7.9/10 Worthy
6/10 - 6.9/10 Average
5/10 - 5.9/10 Mediocre
4/10 - 4.9/10 Not Yet
3/10 - 3.9/10 Pretty Dang Bad
2/10 - 2.9/10 Atrocious
1/10 - 1.9/10 Oops
0/10 - 0.9/10 No Comment


Sign up to have your articles reviewed in the comments. We will try to work you into our schedule. Only 1 article per season, please.

Season 1

Season 1 is planned to run for twenty episodes, although this total could vary. It premiered on February 26, 2016 and has aired on Fridays since then. The season will run throughout 2016.

1 Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Combat (note) February 26, 2016
  • Content: 9/10 The article isn't finished yet, but it has adequate content for what there is so far. Almost all of the missions are described in detail. Some headers are missing stuff, though...
  • Graphics: 8/10 The article has some pretty good images. The boxart is good, and so is the logo. Though that Gear Mario art isn't really something to be proud of.
  • Formatting: 10/10 The tables and stuff look good, and some sections are neatly organized into collapses.
  • Organization: 10/10 The article is very well organized too, with a section for most major parts of the game being easily found.
  • Grammar: 10/10 There are no/few grammar mistakes, either.
2 Aran Leverletto March 4, 2016
  • Content: 9/10 The article has some quality information about the character, though appears lacking in the "Relations" and "Appearances" headers.
  • Graphics: 9/10 Aran has a good main art and several other quality images sorted in the gallery. It feels like the main article body could use an image or two, maybe under the "Powers" or "Backstory" headers.
  • Formatting: 9/10 For a character page, the article has pretty good formatting. Infoboxes and other templates are being used well.
  • Organization: 10/10 Sections are appropriately placed under headers, making it easy to find info.
  • Grammar: 10/10 No grammar mistakes make the article a quality read.
3 Amy Jackson March 11, 2016
  • Content: 10/10 The article has a lot of detailed content about the character.
  • Graphics: 9/10 Amy has a wide variety of quality artwork, but the main one in the infobox is kinda ehh in comparison. Similarly to Aran, the page could use more pics throughout.
  • Formatting: 10/10 Formatting is good. It doesn't burn my eyes.
  • Organization: 10/10 Great organization.
  • Grammar: 10/10 Great grammar. The article isn't hard to read because of this.
4 Aura's Junkyard March 25, 2016
  • Content: 10/10 The page has a large amount of content which goes very in detail. Some portions are still incomplete, though.
  • Graphics: 8/10 The page kind of lacks images, which is understandable since it's not based on a real game and existing images are not available in most cases.
  • Formatting: 8/10 The formatting is good overall, though some of the tables are kinda blinding, with several bright colors being used. I'd suggest dulling them.
  • Organization: 10/10 The page is very well organized.
  • Grammar: 10/10 Grammar looks great overall.
5 Plunge in the Past April 1, 2016
  • Content: 9/10 The article looks mostly complete, though some sections aren't...
  • Graphics: 9/10 The article uses many different pictures, all of which are relevant and complement what they are supposed to represent in the page. The boxart kinda looks like a bunch of images just slapped together, though.
  • Formatting: 9/10 Formatting is good, but a little awkward in some places, like when bullets and text centering are used at the same time in the "Demo levels aka Plunge in the Past" section.
  • Organization: 10/10 Everything is put in an appropriate section. Easy to find content.
  • Grammar: 6/10 The grammar isn't really correct in several places, but the article is still comprehensible.
6 Elementals April 15, 2016
  • Content: 7/10 It has quality content for what's there, but for a game, it seems lacking.
  • Graphics: 0/10 No images. Nothing at all.
  • Formatting: 8/10 It's alright, but the infobox has an awkward blend of colors and the table looks pretty dull.
  • Organization: 10/10 Very well organized.
  • Grammar: 10/10 Good, no/few mistakes are noticable.
7 Cruncle Quest: Origins of Farsnokalos April 22, 2016
  • Content: 9/10 The article has a lot of information in the sections that are there.
  • Graphics: 2/10 Just like in Elementals, it's lacking in images. At least this page has one.
  • Formatting: 7/10 Good. But the article is mainly just a wall of text and could use maybe a little bit of formatting pizzazz to make it more exciting to read.
  • Organization: 10/10 Great organization.
  • Grammar: 10/10 Great grammar.
8 Hope Without A Cause April 29, 2016
  • Content: 10/10 A lot of content, and it's all quality. Definitely deserves the FA it'll likely get.
  • Graphics: 10/10 A lot of original artwork for the characters. The banner looks great, too.
  • Formatting: 10/10 The tables look awesome. So do the pictures that have the names for the modes. They spruce the physical appearance of that section up.
  • Organization: 10/10 Awesome organization.
  • Grammar: 10/10 No/few mistakes.
9 Super Smash Bros. Violet Sunset May 6, 2016
  • Content: 7/10 Even though the article isn't complete, it's still got a lot there. There are a lot of blank spots though.
  • Graphics: 9/10 Good, but I think the Items, Enemies, Bosses, Pokemon, etc. could use more pics.
  • Formatting: 9/10 I like the tables, though they kinda feel a little boring to look at, being just plain white. Maybe you could make them a violet-ish color, since that's the name of the game.
  • Organization: 9/10 I feel like you could have added more words in some places, instead of the whole thing just being tables except for one section. But still great.
  • Grammar: 10/10 No/few mistakes.