Color Crunchers Is a Minigame appeared On Mario Party 15. The Minigame is similar to Roblox's Nintendo minigames's Color crunchers but only the difference is Decreasing seconds to fall down cubes instead of Any Second.



Use The Arrow keys to Move.Crunching Event Happens When Toad Raises the Color Of the Flag.Can select This Colors:Violet,Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange and Red.Toad's Voice Color to crunch script is this:

(Name of the Color) will be Crunched.

After that,A 2x3 Cube will Go down To the Color of the floor that Toad said,Then The Cube Goes Up.The Cube Has 4 big Spikes on the bottom.

Remember,The Delay seconds Of The Cubes go Down Decrease Every 45 Seconds by 0.5.The Starting Delay Seconds is 3.then the max is 1.

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