ColorReload is a 2015 spin-off/reboot of the original ColorLoad game directed by SuperSonicDarkness, of NightVision Entertainment. It follows the adventures of Koloro, who is trying to stop an interstellar war between the color tribes, while trying to protect them all from the Greyscale infection, that was caused by an unknown force. 


The gameplay is a shooter/platformer hybrid, where the player uses different paint-themed weapons to progress through the levels. During platforming sequences, the gameplay is in the first person. But it switches to the third person during segments where you fight lots of enemies. 


Playable Characters


Image Name Description
Red Color Soldier Red Faction Soldier These guys are a fierce bunch. They are the most aggressive out of the color soldiers, and have blades for arms. Thankfully, they have no form of long ranged attack. 


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