ColorLoad Blast
Wii U Game Cover
Developer(s) CrazyChippy Ent.
Publisher(s) Fantendo & Insomniac
Platform(s) Wii U & 3DSXL
Release Date(s)
Japan: January 26, 2016

USA: February 2, 2016 Europe: February 2, 2016


Co-op (Insomniac Museum) Versus (Insomniac Museum)

Age Rating(s)
E10+/E (Depends on Country)
Genre(s) AAA & Platformer
Series ColorLoad (As a Spin-Off)
Media Included Disc/3DS Cartridge
Storage Needed 1.05 GB
Cost $49.99


Max. amount of players 1 (Normal)

4 (Insomniac Museum)

ColorLoad Blast is the second spin-off to ColorLoad, this time coded by a new company. ColorLoad (RandomFrogg) was the original ColorLoad game starring Koloro, while this game was made with the help of CrazyChippy Ent. This game has nothing to do with Splatoon, as development was started months before Splatoon.


Before Starting Artsville

It was an average day in the United States of Creativia, Artsville, with the average activities. Nothing special was going on, but that was the way Artsville liked it; being able to lie back and relax without any interuptions. In fact, most of the ImagiNation liked nothing way too out of the ordinary. There was one rivalry that would never end, though, no matter how many people were laid back - The Color Gods.

Rainbo - the creative Color God aruged that everything had color for a reason, which the other Color God - Greyscape - disagreed with. Greyscape would say that color would be a waste of time, and then Rainbo would say the exact opposite. After 15 years, Greyscape reached a point to where he cracked, and stole the United Staes of Creativia's imagination, causing everything (and many people) to turn grey. Koloro and his friend Kontrast, for some reason, were the only non-Color Soliders uninfected. Rainbo called upon them to stop Greyscape, since they were the only people creative enough to stay uninfected. 

Before Starting The Forevergreens

As Koloro and Kontrast venture through the land, they come across the Forevergreens, which was inhabited by some greyscale creatures. It wasn't just people turning greyscale, they worried. Koloro and Kontrast took out their Kolorcrew weapons, ready to put a stop to the chaos in the forest.

Before Starting Heather Hell

After defeating Drillbai, Koloro feels happy saving the world from Greyscape's horror, until Rainbo informs the two that Greyscape has even infected Heather Hell, which was located in another dimension. Upon getting to Heather Hell, Koloro and Kontrast feel as if it was impossible to help the ImagiNation anymore. Suddenly, a greyscale wearing colorful clothes flies up on a magic star-shaped rug, and offers to help. 

The greyscale claims his name is Portraitor, and he never really liked stealing imagination and color. He was born a Greyscale, which is why he was more sophisticated than the others, trying to convince them that they're doing wrong. After being assigned to steal the color from the entire ImagiNation, he quit, and retreated back to his home, Heather Hell.

Playable Characters

Picture Name Description Unlocking Requirements Stats
Koloro Blast

Koloro is the main protagonist of ColorLoad Blast. Koloro starts off with a Kolorcrew PaintBlade, which is a sword that restores upon touch, and can block many projectiles.

Unlocked from the start

90 HP

Regens 1 HP every 1.76 seconds

10 Damage

0.43 Cooldown


Working on it Kontrast Kontrast is Koloro's good friend, and will stop at nothing to make sure the word constantly smiles. With Kontrast's Kolorcrew PaintBlaster, he was able to aid from a distance. Unlocked from the start

75 HP

Regens 1 HP every 1.76 seconds

12 Damage

0.63 Second Cooldown



Portraitor was never a fan of removing creativity from the world, so he quit shortly after he was given a mission to attack the ImagiNation. He now aids Koloro with his Kolorcrew Grepaint, which explodes upon contact.

Beat Deafening Desert

110 HP

Regens 1 HP every 2.34 seconds

20 Damage (Splash)

1.24 Second Cooldown



Name Levels Description Boss
Artsville (Intro) 4

Artsville is Koloro's hometown. Nothing around here is usually an uproar, and at this point in the plot, most of the Greyscale Humans have been taken care of by the government. There are some hazards lying around, but nothing too intense.

Master Greyblade
Paintopia 6 Paintopia is another town in Koloro's homeworld, but is much closer to New York or Tokyo compared to Artsville. At this point in time, some of the weaker Color Soliders have been corrupted and will attack innocents. Agent Paint
The Forevergreens 6 The Forevergreens are a National Park of the USC, (United States of Creativia) but has still been inhabited by greyscale creatures and corrupted Color Soliders which have attemped to capture the creatures. There are a few new gimmicks introduced, but is still manageable. Pythick
Gary's Beach 7 Gary's Beach is a popular place for tourist, which is why that there is no surprise that there were many people infected, along with some higher-class Color Soliders. A lot of water sections are in this world, which can be annoying. Pieran the Greyscale Grouper 
Decay Caverns 8 Decay Caverns is not only dark, but also fragile. The ceiling may collapse at any moment, so it doesn't hurt to be too cautious. Luckily USC's paint supply glows. The Grey One
Rustbow Factory 8 Rustbow Factory was designed by the government to protect information that would change everything if anybody found out. After greyscales started breaking in, Koloro has to solve the complex puzzle of what Rustbow Factory is. This, meaning that Rustbow Factory is made out of puzzles. The Questionaire
Deafening Desert 10 The Deafening Desert is full of dangerous creatures even when greyscales aren't around. Now that the greyscales have invaded, the existance of Deafening Desert is at stake. There are quite a bit of hazards around here, including the legendary Vivari Cactus, which is said to be the sharpest type of cactus around. Drillbai the Desert Keeper
Heather Hell  11 Even when trying to save a world a second time, there always is a place or two you need to revisit. Many Color Soliders went in, but none managed to get out. Not only that, but there are many hazards that were added. Flammo the Flaming Jellyfish
The Greyscale Lab 9 The Greyscale Lab isn't dangerous hazard-wise, but you do have to end up fighting all the previous bosses until you finally reach Greyscape; the Color God. Greyscape
The Insomniac Museum 1 The Insomniac Museum is in a secret location located in Paintopia. Upon finding the location, you will be teleported to The Insomniac Museum. (and also to be able to teleport from there on out from the menu) The museum talks about cut and extra content, including cut bosses, enemies, and a level editor up for usage. Several Cut Bosses



Greyscales are infected people who were made to worship Greyscape, and steal color from the ImagiNation. They weren't the smartest when it came to language, but they definitely understand everything Greyscape says.

Name First Appearance Stats Special Reward
Greyscale Human Artsville (Lvl.1)

45 HP

5 Damage


Nothing special. 3 Paintbells
Greyscale Umbrella Artsville (Lvl.1)

80 HP 

5 Damage


 Umbrella blocks paintballs. 4 Paintbells
Greyscale Speedster Artsvile (Lvl.2)

45 HP

5 Damage


Is much faster compared to an average greyscale. 4 Paintbells
Greyscale Balloon Artsville (Lvl.3)

85 HP

10 Damage


Attacks from above with a blowgun. 5 - 6 Paintbells
Master Greyblade Artsville (Lvl.4)

1250 HP

20 Damage

Melee and Ranged

Jumps around the field, showing off while being able to launch its blades from afar. 300 Paintbells
Ghost Greyscale Paintopia (Lvl.1)

90 HP

15 Damage


Can become partially invisible, but is only vulnerable when it is completely visible. 6 - 7 Paintbells
Greyscale Imp Paintopia (Lvl.2)

20 HP

5 Damage


Attacks in large, deadly numbers. 1 - 2 Paintbells
Greyscale Bikers Paintopia (Lvl.2)

85 HP

15 Damage


Greyscale Bikers are fast and strong greyscales until their bike is restored (30 HP). After that, the Biker will become a Greyscale Speedster with 10 extra HP. 7 Paintbells



  • Koloro goes under a gender change, from Female to Male.
  • Colorwheelie was originally supposed to be a playable character, but was replaced by Kontrast.
    • Colorwheelie is still playable in the Insomniac Museum if there are four people playing.
  • This game was supposed to be released 2013....until 'Shmeon' quit the buisness.
  • This game was supposed to be released BEFORE the original ColorLoad, but the original started development sooner, so it still is considered a spin-off.

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