ColorLoad: The Prismatic Realm is a spinoff/'gaiden game' of ColorLoad, created by Laughball Interactive for TechBreloom's Series Swap. The game is a 3D platformer with heavy focus on puzzle elements and collecting items.


ColorLoad: The Prismatic Realm is a puzzle platformer with collect-a-thon elements. The game revolves around the 'prism' feature - each level has eight unique 'realms' which can be switched using the GamePad, with each realm having its own paths (for example, an uncrossable chasm in the Red Realm may have a bridge built in the Orange Realm.) that lead to different areas. Players must use all of these realms to collect Prism Shards to unlock the next level.


Months after defeating the God of Greyscale, Koloro and Kontrast must embark on another quest when a mysterious masked man named Tavoloz uses an ancient prism to split the world into 8 realms.


Name Description Boss
Palette Temple

A temple built to honor the God of Color. Chunks have gotten put in other realms, but several Prism Shards are still hidden amongst the ornate details of the temple.

The vines of the temple have burnt away, removing most routes to the upper levels but allowing more exploration of the outside of the temple. Enemies run rampant, so be ready to fight!

Gravity is lighter here, with floating rocks providing paths to new areas of the temple. Even more paths can be accessed by using rainbows to push rocks in different directions.

Several denizens of the temple ended up here. Most of the Prism Shards in the Yellow Realm are attained by helping the people here out, though the newly built bridges allow for exploration.

The vines in the temple have overgrown here, making navigation tricky. Using rainbows to help the plants grow, you can reach the roof of the temple and even go further above into the clouds.

The fountains have overflowed the temple, meaning you have to swim. The chasm surrounding the temple becomes a moat, allowing you to reach hidden rooms unaccessible otherwise.

Stuck in eternal night, navigating the temple in Indigo Realm requires you to light paths with your rainbows. Skeletons arise from the ground and can provide Prism Shards if you bring them their belongings.

A mysterious realm where ghosts roam freely. Tricky temple denizens will give you false leads on where to get Shards, and ghosts will slow you down if they catch you, so tread lightly.


A statue of the God of Color given life by the Prism. Defeating him involves a lot of realm switching - anger him in the Red Realm, sink him in the Blue Realm.

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