Here you can ask questions about ColorLoad. It can be about anything ColorLoad related, from the game or something about the characters. You may even ask one of the characters something! Put your question under your name and I'll answer it!


Some user

Q: Will ColorLoad become a series?

A: I plan for it to.

Ask away!



Q: Hello there Mr. Randomfrog, I would like to ask just one question aobut your creation! What was the main inspiration of the game...and, both being color-related games with both having upcoming sequels, I would like to propose a collab crossover of sorts between the two series, does that sound good?

A: Hi! I have to say the main isnspiration was Koloro herself, actually! One day I was doodling and drew Koloro, and I built an idea for a game around her.

Also, the crossover sounds great! The only flaw I can imagine is that the crossover would give Ham another excuse to ship Koloro and Sketch even more... but hot butter and popcorn, we have a deal!


why is koloro so cute

Q:I don't think I've seen you do any drawings of him, so...what have you pictured the God of Color to look like?

A: A man in a toga with fabulous rainbow hair and a fabulous rainbow beard. Also, being a god, he's much bigger than the other characters, having a gargantuan size. I do plan to draw him sometime.

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