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You think it's FUN being an ice mutant in a fire kingdom?!

Coldoboo's first appearance
Full Name Coldoboo
Gender Male
Location Flower Kingdom
Main Weapon(s) Iceballs
Element(s) Ice
First Appearance Mario: Once

Coldoboo is an ice Podoboo and lives in the sky instead of the lava. He does not like it because the sky is a fire kingdom because of the fire flowers.

Game Appearances

Mario: Once

Coldoboo makes his first appearance in this game, and is the main boss of the third story.

Names in Other Languages

Japanese バブルを凍結 (Baburu o tōketsu) Freeze Bubble
French Bulle de Glace Bubble of ice
German Ice Kopf Ice Head
Italian Geletto Gel is Italian for freeze
Korean 아이스 볼 (aiseu bol) Ice ball

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