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ColcoAnimation Fighters is an upcoming fighting game for the Super Gamer. It will star many characters from the channel ColcoAnimationStudios as they battle it out in the fashion of most fighting games.


Picture Character Description Ultimate Move
Robbie Birdie A man who for some reason think he's a bird...? I don't know, but he still has powerful birdlike attacks to take out his enemies! I'M A BIRDIE!!!!
Mario The iconic gaming icon! Mario joins the battle with many moves he used in his battle with Sonic! Metal Mario
Sonic the Hedgehog The speedy blue hedgehog joins the battle, using fast moves to quickly take people out! Super Sonic
Bill Cipher The demonic triangle joins the battle with tricky moves to keep your opponent at bay! Mega Laser
Sans This lazy skeleton proves that looks can be deceiving! Use tricky attacks and keep your opponent down! Gaster Blaster Horde

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