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Wanted for petty theft and mischief
Full Name Colby Grimm
Current Age 12
Date of Birth June 19
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Species Realmhopper
Location Bellkeep
Current Status Alive
Class Pickpocket
The space-time continuum
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Razorblade
Ability/ies Excels with weaponry
Intersect abilities
Vulnerable To Physically weak
Not very heroic
Key to the Intersect
Public Menace
First Appearance Inverse
Latest Appearance Inverse

Colby Grimm is a young street urchin, most noteworthy for his ability to manipulate the Intersect - a binding between the human dimension and a twisted realm filled with hostile monsters - in order to access special powers.


Even for his age, Colby is small and thin due to his time living on the streets of Bellkeep. He is wiry and lightly muscled. His skin is a very pale color, practically white as a bone, and lightly scarred by cuts off varying sizes. His hair is as black as oil, and is nearly always long and untamed. His eyes are stormy gray, but tend to glow red when he taps into the Intersect. He dresses in a button-up crimson shirt, a brown suit jacket, mid-calf-length brown trousers, leather boots, and a short-brimmed brown cricket cap, usually pulled low over his face.


Thanks to his upbringing, Colby is rather morally twisted, showing no distinction between "right" and "wrong" save for when the integrity of the world or his own well-being are on the line, and will go as far as breaking the law to ensure the safety of both. He is also shown to be mischievous, and has a love of messing with others’ heads in his spare time. He doesn't naturally form bonds of trust with humans, but is loved by animals and the smaller Riventians. He claims this is due to the “unusual smell” that he picked up from the streets. He returns the animals’ feelings, often going as far as to share some leftover bread crust with them.

Colby has dabbled in gambling, which he enjoys because of the luck involved, and is fond of woodwind instruments. He even once attempted to teach himself how to play a clarinet, with mixed results. Despite being underage, Colby is also rather fond of wine. He is a pathological liar, he doesn't like actors or barbers, and his favorite food is tomato soup. Preferably with a bit of pheasant thrown in. With some slightly stale bread on the side to give it some extra crunch.


As far as combat training goes, Colby is quite inexperienced when it comes to hand-to-hand battle. Being a malnourished and unhealthy child, he is at a physical disadvantage when wrestling, and has little in the way of protection.

However, after surviving on the streets of both the human realm and its twisted counterpart simultaneously for so long, he has adapted his fighting style to make up for his disadvantages. Colby moves very quickly, focusing on evasion and outthinking his opponents rather than overpowering them through force.

When force is completely necessary, though, Colby tends towards fighting with weapons rather than his bare fists. He is especially well-versed in wielding lead pipes, cricket bats, flintlock rifles, and even rapiers, but is most proficient with his trusty razorblade.

Colby's greatest strength, however, lies in his Intersect skills - powers that stem from his ability to transfer freely between the two dimensions. He wields a variety of devastating powers that call upon the forces of darkness and smoke.

One of his most signature techniques is the Blink Shift - simply by closing his eyes, Colby is able to transfer from his home plane to the askew "dark world" lying underneath the surface. A key skill, as though the two worlds are very similar in terms of structure, there are sometimes key differences that Colby utilizes to progress. He is also able to fire blasts of darkness, take on a smoky wraith-like form, and (when in contact with enough smoke) perform an Area Shift to temporarily pull chunks of one world into another.



Colby acts as the protagonist of Inverse, being forced into action when the two "sides" of his world grow unstable and begin to intersect.




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